Riri-chan, the “sweet girl” on trial for the first time, made a 300 million yen donation, but was told, “Who loves you? and swearing like a “crude article”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Riri-chan, the “sweet girl” on trial for the first time, made a 300 million yen donation, but was told, “Who loves you? and swearing like a “crude article”.

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Mai Watanabe, the defendant who made men pay as much as 300 million yen for her services (from her official YouTube channel)

On November 2, the first trial was held for Mai Watanabe, 25, who called herself “Itare-girl” and sold manuals for swindling men out of their money. Watanabe admitted to the charges against her.

In June last year, Watanabe allegedly sold a manual to university student Misora Ieda, 21, for 28,000 yen, and Ieda defrauded two men out of 10.65 million yen.

According to the defendant’s statement, “According to Watanabe’s statement, he became addicted to hostesses from around the age of 20, started earning money through sex work, and after successfully receiving large sums of money from customers, he called himself a ‘thank you girl’ and cheated them out of their money.

She is suspected of having created a manual of her methods and sold it on social networking services, and of having consulted with purchasers on LINE and old Twitter.

He stated that his income from the manuals was approximately 1,993,000 yen. In his own “Wasurenai Joshi,” he said that he had swindled a total of about 300 million yen.

In addition to aiding and abetting fraud, she has also been charged with fraud for defrauding a man, who was 50 years old at the time, out of approximately 38.5 million yen between April and August of this year, and the case will be heard at her next court hearing.


Riri-chan, the married JK magical girl who protects world peace!

In her opening statement, the prosecution revealed that she actually has a husband who is a Vietnamese national.

The defendant Watanabe posted on social networking sites.

I’m in the bathroom right now… ……

He is calling the other party with a pampered but impatient tension.

But behind the scenes, on social networking sites,

I mean, there are old men in their 50s who usually don’t even have 10 million saved up at all, so why are they alive? How can you live? Who likes you?

He wrote in a way that made fun of the men.

Who likes you?” is a gag of SHIMOFURI MYOJO’s Mr. Kusashina, to which he replies to people who make unreasonable rude remarks or slanderous remarks about him. On his YouTube page, he solicits episodes from the general public for the “Who do you love about you championship” project, which is very popular and has already been held 12 times.

I don’t know if the popularity of this gag has taken on a life of its own, but the victim must have felt terrible that he was swindling her out of 300 million yen, while at the same time swearing to her face…. …” (TV station insider)

The scam manuals are used to play on men’s romantic feelings. It is possible that those who were deceived also had ulterior motives, but if the number of perpetrators is increasing using this method, it is just as likely to be a special scam.

A Kabukicho host, Hiroshi Tanaka, a.k.a. “Ayumi Wolf Valley,” has also been arrested for knowingly paying tribute to a man who had obtained money through fraud. He cheated the host of money, and then continued to pay the host with the huge amount of money. This “weak flesh, strong man” structure is quite abnormal.

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