The members of Arashi “poured drinks for the press…” Abnormal collusion between the old Johnny’s’s and the Imperial media, not only at Arashi’s “15th anniversary live”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The members of Arashi “poured drinks for the press…” Abnormal collusion between the old Johnny’s’s and the Imperial media, not only at Arashi’s “15th anniversary live”.

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TV Tokyo’s investigative report reveals “collusion” at Arashi’s “Hawaii 15th Anniversary Live”…

The “cozy relationship” between the former Johnny’s’s office and the media has come under criticism.

The background to the “sexual assault by the late Mr. Janie Kitagawa, a crime that will remain in the history of mankind,” has been left unchecked up to this point, and the excessive discovery of this by the purported media is a factor.

When this came to light, TV stations began to air their own programs to verify the story, starting with NHK, followed by NTV, TBS, and Fuji TV, all of which “repented” of their bad relationship with the former Johnny’s office and their lack of interest in the sexual assaults.

The highest authority at Johnny’s is not Mr. Johnny, but his sister, Mary Kitagawa. If anything happens, she immediately calls the station’s programming department and puts pressure on them, saying, ‘If that’s the case, you can pull out all of our talent.

Once this is said, the TV stations cannot resist. We had no choice but to make a series of discoveries so as not to step on the tiger’s tail.

It is not all fear. On October 26, TV Tokyo released a document titled “Verification Report on Reporting and Business Relationships Related to the Former Johnny’s Office. The report reads as follows

“In 2014, I was invited to a concert in Hawaii and had dinner with many members of the media.

(former editorial staff member). This refers to Arashi’s 15th anniversary concert.

According to Bunshun Online, the attendees were flown business class and given rooms at the most luxurious hotels. The amount was said to be about 1 million yen per person, which is tremendous.

Entertainment is not limited to the entertainment industry. If you are a businessman, you must have had the experience of being on both the “receiving end” and the “giving end” of business entertainment at least once.

The reason why the 15th anniversary concert of Arashi is attracting attention is because the current situation of the former Johnny’s’s office and the discovery of the media are becoming an issue, and people in the industry are saying, “There are a lot of entertainment production companies that provide even worse entertainment.

Some industry insiders have commented, “There are many entertainment production companies that provide even more outrageous entertainment.

There is also the opinion of an industry insider that “there are plenty of entertainment production companies that offer even more outrageous business entertainment.

The “recipients” of entertainment entertainment also have their own problems. Each production has its own staff in charge of TV and morning sports papers, and it is common for them to be entertained instead of writing favorable articles or passing over scandals. Who are they to denounce Johnny’s?

The reporters in charge of the former Johnny’s office are called “jani-yaku,” and many of them have had the privilege of working with them. Tickets for concerts of popular Johnny’s groups, which are difficult to obtain, can be easily obtained through “back channels. Although the tickets are not free, it would be hard to convince ordinary fans who are waiting for the results of the tickets as if they were praying to God.

For other milestone events, such as Arashi’s 15th anniversary concert, Johnny’s pays “all expenses” and invites media representatives to attend. In such cases, the members of the group were sometimes invited to share a drink with them on the day before the concert.

One of the members of the group was pouring drinks for a male reporter who was a member of Janis. The office manager joked with the reporter, ‘You’re good-looking, too, so you can make your debut,’ and everyone laughed hysterically. The man said, ‘Oh, no, not again,’ but looked nonplussed.

(A former reporter in charge of Johnny’s.) After that, the man asked the group, “Are you working hard? (former reporter in charge of Johnny’s).

Even now, there are people at the TV station who “defend” the former Johnny’s and gently warn the news department, “Don’t bully Mr. Julie too much! Some of the morning sports newspapers have also announced, ‘Let’s not bash Johnny’s,’ in consideration of what will happen after the sexual assault issue has been settled.

said the TV station official mentioned at the beginning of this article. It seems unlikely that the culture of discovery will disappear.

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