Cosplay that is different from that of Tokyo..! Osaka Minami” was filled with flamboyant cosplayers on Halloween night. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Cosplay that is different from that of Tokyo..! Osaka Minami” was filled with flamboyant cosplayers on Halloween night.

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Sister near Amemura. The casual purchase of takoyaki is one of the best parts of Halloween in Osaka’s Minami district.

The night in Minami Osaka was filled with Halloween cosplayers. 7:00 p.m. passed and the crowd in Minami seemed to be enjoying Halloween in a relaxed atmosphere, with parents and children still in the crowd, as if the Hanshin team had won the championship. However, at 7:30 p.m., officers from the Minami Police Station set up a blind sheet in the area where the Glico sign and other signs could be seen from the Dotonbori Bridge. Measures were taken to control people from staying in the area. When we spoke to a plainclothes police officer, he said, “We are seeing more crowds here and there than we had heard about, but we will continue to be vigilant until the night is safely over.

By around 8:00 p.m., the area around Kani Doraku was swarming with people who could barely walk. Near the Ebisu Bridge, police officers were on the lookout for people jumping into the river. On the other hand, some young people said to the policemen , “You’re dressed in very realistic cosplay! Let’s take a picture!” The policemen responded, “You know it’s not cosplay, right? Let’s take a picture!” But the police officers responded, “You know it’s not cosplay, so get out of here.

While cosplayers gathered at Ebisu Bridge, there were also many cosplayers at Mikaku Park (Mitsu Park) in Amerikamura, which is not far from Ebisu Bridge. The park has long been a standard spot for Halloween. Learning from the accident in Itaewon, South Korea last year, in which 159 people, including two Japanese, were killed, police officers were concentrated in areas where people tend to gather. In addition, some roads leading to Amerika-mura were blocked off with police cars and other police vehicles, making the area a de facto pedestrian paradise, among other measures.

The Osaka Prefectural Police had mobilized 230 police officers to be on the alert this time, but around 10:00 p.m., motorcycle gangs and other groups repeatedly drove along Midosuji, roaring with the sound of explosions. Motorcycles without license plates were also seen, and undercover police cars were seen following and securing them, causing a temporary commotion in the Midosuji area.

After 23:00, everyone was rushing home to the station, but then pickups and fights began to occur on the streets. In addition, the number of motorcycles and modified cars blocking lanes and parking became a nuisance, and police officers were deployed here and there to deal with the situation. Halloween in Minami was a night of excitement in a different sense from that of Tokyo.

After 7:00 p.m., the atmosphere was one of relaxed Halloween fun for parents and children. What a harmonious atmosphere!
Two people dressed up as the Mona Lisa. They attracted a lot of attention.
A unique combination of ghillie suits and “Hataraku Cell” cosplay.
The name of the group was “Kamelarman,” and they cosplayed as a camera. He was very popular because he could actually take pictures, and the images he took could be downloaded with a QR code.
The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. It is hard to believe that it was handmade.
Minami Police officers closing part of the Dotonbori Bridge. They were doing it in a casual manner with familiar hands.
The area around Kani Doraku and Ebisu Bridge at around 8 pm. It was so crowded that people could barely move.
An undercover police car pursuing a vehicle without a license plate. Disturbing behavior was noticeable here and there.
Triangle Park in Ame-mura was also crowded as you can see. There is also a police box right next to the park. It was literally a festival!
  • Photography and text by Takuma Arimura

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