Elderly men rushed to the hearing room at the first trial… Special circumstances drew a crowd of customers to the “manual” of Riri, the “Itari Joshi”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Elderly men rushed to the hearing room at the first trial… Special circumstances drew a crowd of customers to the “manual” of Riri, the “Itari Joshi”.

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On November 2, immediately after court opened, a strange atmosphere enveloped the No. 2 courtroom of the Nagoya District Court.

The defendant, Mai Watanabe (25), aka “Riri-chan,” aka “Riri,” aka “Takaragi,” who is accused of fraud and aiding and abetting fraud, appeared in the courtroom. When Watanabe entered the courtroom just before the opening of the trial, several men in the audience rushed to the front of the room to catch a glimpse of her face.

Watanabe’s first trial was held at the Nagoya District Court. Watanabe appeared in court wearing long black hair and clear rimmed glasses. The judges asked her questions in a tone as if they were talking to a small child.

Watanabe, who has been arrested and indicted twice since August of this year, is accused of defrauding a 50-year-old man in Ibaraki Prefecture out of 3,846,000 yen in cash over a four-month period beginning in April 2011. Watanabe described receiving money from the man as “receiving,” and called herself a “receiving girl.

In addition, a 21-year-old woman from Nagoya City who purchased “Riri’s Manual for Making Everyone Earn 10 Million Yen a Month,” a manual for swindling men that Watanabe sold on the Internet, was charged with fraud for swindling two men out of a total of 1,062,000 yen. Watanabe was also charged with aiding and abetting fraud.

After graduating from high school, Watanabe dropped out of a vocational school and worked at a brothel. 5 years ago, she became obsessed with hostesses and gradually became unable to pay the host club’s bill. When she told a customer at a brothel about her unfortunate situation, she was given money, which is said to be the reason she became a “wanted girl.

On the day of the first trial, the focus was on Watanabe’s fraudulent assistance. When asked by the judge if there was any error in the charge of aiding and abetting fraud, Watanabe admitted the charge, saying, “No, there is no error.

In the manual, Watanabe called it “magic” to create an unhappy situation in order to cheat men out of their money. He advised the purchasers, “The magic is in place, just a little bit more! (Photo from Watanabe’s “X” [old Twitter])

Riri changed her favorite host every year and a half to two years. The first time she sold the manual was on August 20, ’20. It was a PDF file titled “Riri-chan Magic Complete Strategy Manual” that was sold on the Internet for 10,000 yen. There were rumors around Riri-chan that the host in charge at the time may have encouraged her to create the manual.

At his first trial, Watanabe admitted that the manuals he had sold had been created in PDF format on the PC of the host in charge at the time.

In fact, over the past few years, the number of “manual businesses” in Kabukicho, which sell information products such as “backstabbing manuals” and “manuals for negotiating the amount of money for daddy’s love life,” has been increasing rapidly. However, Riri is a rather rare case. Because Riri’s face was on display, which is unusual for a seller, the girls felt safer buying from her than from other sellers. Moreover, since Riri looks like a normal girl, many girls bought her thinking, “I might be able to do it too! I think many of the girls bought it because Riri looks like a normal girl. Even after they purchased the manuals, they would consult with the buyers and provide after-sales care.

On the day of the hearing, more than 100 people gathered to get a glimpse of Watanabe. About half of them were ordinary men between the ages of 50 and 80. Even after her arrest, “Riri-chan” still attracts elderly men. To prevent the same thing from happening again, we are waiting for the full picture to be revealed as soon as possible.

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