Look at me! …graphic crime scene photos of “illegal indecent acts of multiple men and women” committed daily in a “normal restaurant”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Look at me! …graphic crime scene photos of “illegal indecent acts of multiple men and women” committed daily in a “normal restaurant”.

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The “restaurant” officials who were caught in the act.

Although it was disguised as an ordinary bar, it seems that indecent acts were being committed inside the establishment on a daily basis.

On October 29, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Division arrested six men and women, including Akira Kawada, 45, the proprietor of Bar Eden Ninety-Five Ninety-Nine (“Ninety-Five Ninety”) in Shinjuku, Tokyo, on suspicion of aiding and abetting public indecency. The store was uncovered on the night of the 28th, the day before. When investigators entered the store, they found …….

They found “about 20 customers and a nude male walking near the bar counter. On the surface, “Ninety-Five Ninety” was a wholesome restaurant, located on the second floor of a multi-tenant building facing a main street in Shinjuku. In reality, however, it is a happening bar where men and women engage in indecent acts inside. It was a members-only establishment, and the customers were strongly prohibited from talking about the services offered at the bar.

The admission fee for men is 5,000 yen and 1,000 yen for women. The admission fee is about 15,000 yen, and they are even asked to sign an ID card and a contract. When entering the store, they leave their smart phones at the entrance and are not allowed to take pictures or record anything. There were also a number of items available to add to the atmosphere, such as cosplay costumes and whips,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

The “9259” opened in December 2008 and is open all year round. It was open from 1:00 in the afternoon until 5:00 at dawn, and has reportedly sold 137 million yen over the past three years.

In full view through a magic mirror

What kind of activities were taking place inside the restaurant?

There is a “playroom” at the back of the bar floor, and it seems that men and women were performing indecent acts in this room. The walls of the playroom are magic mirrors, and the inside of the playroom is in full view from the bar floor. Some of the women were reluctant to look at it, saying, “Don’t look at me! but this only increased the excitement of the spectators.

Although it is usually forbidden to conduct activities outside of the “playroom,” “Ninety-Two and Fifty-Nine” tolerated such activities. It is said that on holidays, men and women were having relations here and there in the store. The scene must have been quite graphic. On a good day, about 50 people would visit the store, and young female customers could often be seen.

It is said that “Ninety-Two and Fifty-Nine” had planned various events, such as “lingerie events” and “20s-only days,” to attract customers.

According to police investigations, five of the six arrested, including Kawada, admitted to the crime, saying they knew it was illegal, while one denied it.

In about 3 years, they had sold 137 million yen (photo is doctored)
On a high day, there were about 50 customers at …… (some photos have been doctored)
Indecency was in full view
A person involved in the “obscene bar” who was arrested
The signboard of the bar where the graphic acts were taking place (some photos have been doctored)
The bar where the indecent act was taking place.
It is said that there were many female customers.
  • PHOTO Shinji Hasuo

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