The number of “Kabukicho’s papa-active women” has drastically decreased due to a large scale of police action… “Unexpected places” where the “stand-ups” have moved to due to police action. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The number of “Kabukicho’s papa-active women” has drastically decreased due to a large scale of police action… “Unexpected places” where the “stand-ups” have moved to due to police action.

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Actual scene in front of the hospital

The area around Okubo Park in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district, where young women line up in rows to engage in prostitution. The area is known as “Kouen,” and has become a well-known spot for onlookers and YouTubers who film themselves prostituting themselves, thanks to various media reports.

Such koen was the scene of a large-scale police intervention around the beginning of October this year, with more than 30 people arrested in one month, and the police seemed to be concerned about the problem, so vigilance was strengthened in the area around Okubo Park.

Perhaps sensing the danger of seeing people being arrested in the area, the number of women waiting for men for prostitution (so-called “stand-ups”) and the men who target them have decreased, with only a few men giving a cold shoulder.

Even in such a situation, there are still women “standing around” in the Okubo Park area. What kind of women are they? We asked Mr. M (a man in his 40s), an expert on Kabukicho, about the situation.

The women standing there now are so-called “professionals. Some of them have been arrested many times. They have been here for years, so they know how to recognize plainclothes police officers and how to avoid being arrested. Some of them seem to do it out of a sense of not caring about getting arrested.

Amateurs who do “stand-up” for lack of money have dwindled, and only professional prostitutes remain. These women are doing it for a living.

Many of the women who remain are those who were active in Kabukicho before the Okubo Hospital area became famous, and it seems that women who are prostituting themselves as an extension of their daddy’s activities have disappeared.

In such koiken, the way women move around has changed dramatically, and the number of “women who act in pairs” is increasing.

If a woman is alone waiting for customers and is approached by a police officer, she will be arrested, but in this way, she is less likely to be approached by the police because they will think she is a couple of good friends.

So, where did the women who were standing at the “kōen” when it was the most crowded area go?

The women who used to stand at the koin have scattered to stations where there are bars, hosts, men’s con cafes, and other downtown areas where they can consume their hard-earned money on the spot.” Recently, I heard that they went to the Ikebukuro and Shinjuku station area. It also seems that they are directly connected with people who pay well,” said M.

It seems that the men who used to use koans also want to find women who have just started “tachimbo” rather than those who have been doing it for a long time, and their numbers are decreasing as they pursue women who are active in other places.

However, none of the places are as well known as the koin, and it is expected that they will return to Kabukicho in the near future.

We can only hope that the current situation where some women are forced to do this due to the hardships of life, even though they know they may be subject to police intervention, will improve as much as possible.

Actual scene in front of the hospital
A standing woman seen negotiating
According to the standing girls, the number of plainclothes police officers has been increasing recently
Various people come and go.

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