Behind the Kabuki World Shaken by the Ichikawa Ennosuke Incident, the Noh Players’ Famous Kanze Family Conceals the Dumping of a Mother’s Body by Her Son | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind the Kabuki World Shaken by the Ichikawa Ennosuke Incident, the Noh Players’ Famous Kanze Family Conceals the Dumping of a Mother’s Body by Her Son

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A shocking incident in the world of “Nohgaku,” as well as in the world of Pearson …… (Photos and news have nothing to do with each other. It is an image only.)

The traditional performing arts have been rocked by another shocking incident.

Ichikawa Ennosuke, a kabuki actor, was arrested for assisting his parents in committing suicide, and his first trial was held in October. His trial was held for the first time in October. A dark shadow has been cast over the Kabuki world, as the production of Super Kabuki II “Oni no Kane” was cancelled, which was said to be a sure-fire blockbuster hit.

Behind the scenes, the world of Noh, another traditional art form, is also in turmoil. On October 19, a son dumped his mother’s corpse in Yamagata Prefecture.

On October 19, Torataro Enomoto was arrested on suspicion of dumping his mother’s body on the grounds of an elderly care facility in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture. The suspect, Torataro Enomoto, normally lived in Tokyo, but this facility was run by him and he had not visited there in two years.

Investigators found the body of his mother, Mariko Enomoto. The suspect, Torataro, has admitted to abandoning the body, and the police are investigating the case with the possibility of murder in mind,” said a local newspaper reporter.

Mariko was not a resident of this facility and lived in Tokyo. In other words, the question remains as to whether the mother and child went to the trouble of dumping the body in Yamagata despite the fact that they both lived in Tokyo.

In fact, this incident has caused a stir in an unexpected way.

One of Mariko’s daughters is the wife of Kiyomasa Kanze, the president of the Yarai Kanze Family, one of the most famous families in Noh theater. In other words, it is a tragic case in which the mother of the head’s wife was abandoned by her own brother,” said a person involved in Noh theater.

The Kanze family is the lineage of Kan’ami and Ze’ami II, who were active in the Muromachi period (1336-1573) and were the founders of the school. The Yarai Kanze family presides over the “Kanze Kyu Satsukai” and has its own Yarai Noh theater in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Since the family of the head of the Yarai Kanze family is involved in this incident, there is a strict “gag order” in place for his disciples and others involved.

The family of the chancellor, who is the head of the family, is involved in this case, so the chancellor is under a strict “gag order” from his disciples and others involved in the case. And yet, this incident is still going on. ……

What we are concerned about is the next heir. She seems to be quite shocked by the incident where her grandmother’s body was dumped by her uncle. I hope it is not traumatic. ……

Therefore, we sent a letter of inquiry by e-mail and fax to the Yarai-Kanze family to confirm the facts and to ask about the recent parent-child relationship between Mariko and the suspect Torataro, but after waiting for a week, we did not receive a response.

Mariko said that until recently, she was a vivacious person who enjoyed traveling with her friends. Why did her son, Torataro, commit the murder? The case is still awaiting clarification.

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