Yuika Motokariya’s confession of a “physical altercation” with her sister, a beautiful announcer, may be a flag for a “character change” to a frank type. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuika Motokariya’s confession of a “physical altercation” with her sister, a beautiful announcer, may be a flag for a “character change” to a frank type.

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Actress Yuika Motokariya (36) surprised many by openly confessing on a TV program that she and her younger sister, former Tokai TV freelance announcer Riina Motokariya (32), had gotten into a tremendous “fistfight” together. The “too violent side” of the innocent heroine of the morning drama was too unexpected. However, some people believe that she is making a “character change” as she aims to make a “full-fledged comeback” after the movie cancellation fiasco that occurred last year.

On October 20, Motokariya appeared with Riina in the talk corner of the daytime program “Poka Poka” (Fuji TV). She revealed that she and Riina had an epic fistfight in junior high and high school between the two beautiful sisters.

Riina added, “We fought so hard that our hair fell out,” so it must have been pretty fierce. It was surprising that Motokariya, who has a neat and serious image, revealed such a rough episode by herself.

Motokariya began her performing career as a child actress. In 2005, she was selected to play the heroine in NHK’s TV series “Fight” and got her break. She has since appeared in numerous dramas and movies, and from 2000 to 2003 she was the MC of the Saturday afternoon information program “King’s Brunch” (TBS), where she gained popularity not only for her beauty but also for her quick wit and talk.

Last August, it was announced that she would play the lead role in a movie for the first time in “Jyosai Koji no Meitantei,” a film commemorating the 60th anniversary of Nagoya Television’s “Me-Tele” (Nagoya TV). She was supposed to have reached a major milestone as an actress, but on October 14, she suddenly reported that she would be taking a leave of absence due to poor health. On the same day, the film’s production side also announced that she would be leaving the film, and the clouds have completely changed since then.

The cancellation of the movie in which she starred caused quite a stir. Furthermore, the October 20 issue of Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) reported that there was a trouble over the script of the movie behind the leave of absence. It was reported that although Motokariya was dissatisfied with the script, she protested because it was not corrected due to a mistake on the production side, leading to her resignation.

Motokariya returned at the end of October of the same year on a radio program. After some confusion, Ayame Goriki took over the role of the understudy and the film was released on October 13 of this year. However, the possibility of a dispute over her first starring role in a solo movie has raised concerns in the entertainment industry about her acting career.

In the meantime, Motokariya starred in a one-off late-night drama “Two divorcees have an undecided relationship” (TV Asahi) broadcast on January 4 this year, and also played an important role in the serial drama “Today’s Hitman” (TV Asahi) that started on October 27, giving the impression that she is returning to her acting career after many years.

However, in the October 12 issue of “Shukan Bunshun” (weekly magazine), she once again found herself in a pinch, as it was reported that she had been told by Motokariya that Shinji Saito of the comedy duo “Jungle Pocket” had been dropped from the regular TBS Radio program “ONE-J”.

However, on the day of the release of the article, he updated his YouTube page and politely denied the report in his own voice, stating that he had “no intention whatsoever” in Saito’s resignation. On the other hand, she calmly “explained” what was right and what was wrong in the article and introduced her radio program in the article, saying with a smile, “I’m grateful.

He also read out the positive comments about himself, saying, “[The reporter] is a good person in some ways. He responded with humor, saying, “Thank you very much for your time. I thought she was going to follow this “frank” line from now on.

In fact, Motokariya released a photo book “I.” in September last year, just before she took a leave of absence. In fact, just before she took a leave of absence, Motokariya also showed a sexy lingerie shot in a photo book titled “I. Her sexy body was also a topic of conversation.

She is now in her mid-30s and may be looking for an opportunity to break away from the “righteous purist” image. Last year’s controversy over her resignation from the board raised concerns about her future as an actress, but a year has passed since then, and it seems that she has begun to make a positive “character change” in an open and honest manner.

As long as she continues to be an actress, she will probably want to “take revenge” by playing the lead role in a movie for the first time at an early stage. Looking at her photo collection, we can expect to see her in roles that will have a strong impact on the audience, such as those involving extreme exposure and wet scenes.

(A former reporter for a sports paper) “The fact that she even talked about the ‘sisters punching each other’ story may lead to offers from variety TV shows. How will she change her image as an “actress from the morning drama”? How will she change the image of “actresses from morning dramas”?

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Honkariya and the other actors emerge from the Ikebukuro Art Theater after seeing the play. Kanjiya, on the right, is wearing glasses, a rare sight on TV.
The three moved to a nearby Italian restaurant, where they toasted with beer and had a good time.
Honkariya had a good posture with a straight back while drinking. On this day, she was enthusiastically talking to Kanjiya and the others about something.
One of the girls joined them on the way to the restaurant, and the girls’ party went on until 23:45, when the restaurant closed.
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