‘You are in contempt, apologize!” …Uncle Mask-Refusing: “Your Honor, get off the podium!” Shuddering remarks on the plane and in the courtroom | FRIDAY DIGITAL

‘You are in contempt, apologize!” …Uncle Mask-Refusing: “Your Honor, get off the podium!” Shuddering remarks on the plane and in the courtroom

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Defendant Okuno, who was not wearing a mask at the time he was sent to prison.

When the verdict was handed down, the defendant reportedly stormed the presiding judge, shouting, “It’s not right that the judiciary is distorting the truth because the judge is out of line.

The judge’s misjudgment is distorting the truth. Your Honor, get off the dais!

On October 30, the Osaka High Court heard the appeal of Junya Okuno, 37, a former university employee accused of violence and obstruction of business by force for refusing to wear a mask and twisting a flight attendant’s hand on an airplane. Judge Yuko Tsuboi dismissed the appeal, upholding the first-instance verdict of two years in prison and a four-year suspended sentence. She noted that the flight crew was unable to ensure the safety of the cabin and perform their other duties because they had to attend to the defendant.

Okuno denied being a nuisance in court and claimed that wearing a mask was irrational. He said, “There was no evidence of violence against the flight attendants, and the judge’s colored glasses that it is abnormal not to take measures against infection are giving rise to false accusations. However, the flight attendant’s statement that violence had occurred was consistent, and the court of appeals ruled that she had been convicted following the first trial.

FRIDAY Digital” reported the details of the case and Okuno’s surprising behavior on the plane in detail in an article distributed on October 28, 2010. We would like to recount the details of the trouble that astonished the public (some parts have been corrected).

The plane was delayed for an hour and a half.

The defendant’s actions were so malicious that he even forced the flight attendant to make an emergency landing. Depending on the verdict, I fear that there will be more copycats in the future. He needs to be thoroughly rehabilitated in prison.

At the trial held on October 26, 2010 at the Osaka District Court, the prosecution argued that the defendant should be sentenced to four years in prison.

Okuno was charged with obstruction of business and injury for refusing to wear a mask on board a Peach Aviation flight and causing an emergency landing after a dispute with the flight crew. The incident occurred in September 2008. The incident occurred on a flight from Kushiro Airport in Hokkaido to Kansai International Airport in Osaka.

The flight crew repeatedly asked Okuno to wear a mask, but he stubbornly refused. When a nearby passenger said, ‘I feel sick,’ Okuno became even more agitated. He started screaming, “I’m insulted, apologize! He grabbed the arm of a crew member who tried to calm him down and injured him.

The captain decided that the safety of the passengers could not be ensured, and made an emergency landing at Niigata Airport en route. Okuno was dropped off at Niigata Airport, but the flight was delayed for an hour and a half. More than 100 passengers were affected. Perhaps unconvinced, Okuno called himself “Mask-Refusing Uncle” after the incident, and refuted the incident on his blog and elsewhere, calling it an “irrational coercion to wear a mask.

He was not wearing a mask when he was sent to jail (some photos have been doctored).

A video taken by a passenger was quickly uploaded to the Internet. The video shows Okuno being escorted off the plane and the passengers applauding.

Okuno is a brilliant student who went on to graduate from the University of Tokyo and then to the graduate school of the same university. At the time of the incident, he was working at a private university in the Kanto region. However, due to a problem on the plane, the university where he worked terminated his contract with Okuno. He was arrested in January ’21.

The “Peach Aviation” incident was not the only incident in which Okuno was involved. In April 2009, he was arrested for obstruction of public service. He tried to enter a restaurant in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, without wearing a mask, was refused entry, and got into an argument with the waitress, and is suspected of punching a police officer in his 30s in the face when he called 110.

At his first trial in May 2010, Okuno said, “Is it really right to avoid and exclude people just because they are not wearing a mask? Later in court, he also testified.

I am not guilty. I am very proud that I did not wear a mask on the plane. I have nothing to be ashamed of.

This verdict is like a medieval witch-hunt trial!

Okuno is said to be considering an appeal against the ruling by the appeals court as well as the first instance court.

A scene of violence in the courtroom (some photos have been doctored)
He told the judge, “Get off the stage! to the presiding judge (some photos have been doctored)
He was not wearing a mask when he was sent to court (some photos have been doctored)
In court, he made a surprising argument (some photos have been doctored).
Okuno showed no signs of being moved by his arrest.
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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