YouTube has 1 million views across the board! Kishitaka reveals the “Amazing Behind-the-Scenes” of his million-seller streak! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

YouTube has 1 million views across the board! Kishitaka reveals the “Amazing Behind-the-Scenes” of his million-seller streak!

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Kishi (right) and Takano of “Kishitakano” relax in the smoking area. Continuing from the first part, this time they candidly talked about their YouTube activities that led to their breakthrough.

The comedy duo “Kishitakano” consists of Daisuke Kishi (33) and Masanari Takano (34). In the first part of the series , we looked back on their career from the formation of the duo to the present.

In the second part, we go behind the scenes of their popular YouTube channel “I want to make Mr. Takano angry. which supports their popularity. The channel is now a monster, consistently recording over 1 million views, but behind the channel’s success lies a meticulous calculation.

–The YouTube channel “I want to make Mr. Takano angry. What prompted you to start the channel?

Takano: “I started the channel in ’20 with three former comedian staff members, but the number of views didn’t increase even after a year of operation, and I thought it was a dead end. So in 2010, we changed the channel to a surprise channel. I changed the channel to a surprise channel in 2010, and the results came in rather quickly.

Kishi “We only had Takano’s angry tsukkomi and his reaction to the surprises, so I thought I would try that.

Takano: “We’re also comic comedians, aren’t we?

Kishi “But what’s your best point? Kishi “But if you ask me ‘what’s your best point’, I think I can make the best use of it because I’m a strong comedian and I can give a good response when I’m in a tight corner.

Takano: “Since it became a surprise, they don’t let me participate in the meetings anymore, and I miss that.

Kishi “It wouldn’t be a surprise if they knew.

Takano “No, but it’s lonely because I feel like I’m not part of the group.

Kishi “When you do a surprise, sometimes Takano’s real anger comes out, that’s what’s interesting.

Takano “I don’t really know what a surprise is, so of course I get angry.

Before the interview, the two posed with a dolly that was there. Takano was seriously scared at one point by Kishi’s driving speed, but he was all smiles in the end!

–What was the surprise that really pissed you off?

Takano: “There is a video game called ‘Mario Maker,’ and I was asked to clear a stage I had made. My cell phone stopped ringing for about a month (laughs).

K: “I also posted my LINE account, so I guess the messages didn’t stop there either.

Takano: “I really thought it was too much.

–K: “We always have a fight after the shooting.

Kishi “Takano always says thank you after the shoot.

Takano: “Sometimes I say thank you because you make editing and planning and stuff interesting. But of course I get angry when he exposes my cell phone number or dumps coffee on my house.”

Kishi “But Takano doesn’t get angry about most things if you make it interesting, right?”

Takano: “As long as you make it funny (laughs), I got more jobs because of YouTube, and I appreciate it.

Takano (foreground) and Kishi answer questions. Their smiles show how well they get along with each other.

–Kishi: “There are a lot of comedians, but there are also a lot of senior comedians who I think are great.

Kishi: “There are many, but I would have to say my senior comedian from my office, UCCHAN NANCHAN.

Takano “You are really great. He is a bit too much of a superstar, but we have been invited to Uchimura-san’s (Mitsuyoshi, 59) live performances, so among the younger members of the office, he is the one who has a close relationship with Uchimura-san.

Kishi: “In the Maseki office, ‘Unnan’ is like ‘Downtown’ in Yoshimoto Kogyo. It’s great to be able to work with such a superstar from when you were young.

Takano: “When we were invited to perform on Uchimura-san’s stage, we would arrive at 1:00 p.m. and he would already start rehearsals an hour or two before that.

Kishi “I thought it was really great that Uchimura-san showed us behind our backs that his seniors are still making more effort than we are.

Takano: “It’s absolutely wrong to think that we’re successful in the situation we’re in now.

This year has been a year of leaps and bounds, but the two are not proud of themselves! They vowed to be even more active next year!

–Suddenly, do you have any thoughts on FRIDAY? (Laughs)

Takano: “I don’t know, but I think “Kishitaka no Kano” will do something bad in the future (laughs).

Kishi “No, what are you talking about? I won’t do it.

Takano “I’m sure you will hurt people. Kishi “You’ll definitely hurt people, or make gaffes and people won’t like you.

K: “The only people I say bad things about are those who have done something really bad. I say bad things about Fujimon-san (Toshifumi Fujimoto, 52), for example.

Takano “Don’t talk about Mr. Fujimon now!

Kishi “I have the same spirit as Mr. FRIDAY. I’m a comrade of Mr. FRIDAY.

Takano “You’re a comedian and one of Mr. Fujimon’s friends, so don’t go to FRIDAY’s side!

Kishi “It’s okay as long as you don’t do anything weird. You don’t have to do anything weird.

Takano “…… I won’t cheat on you. I’ll try not to.”

Kishi – “Don’t you have a desire to cheat on me or something?”

–K: “I might not be so forgiving at that time (laughs).

Takano: “If I have done something outrageous, please call me directly. If you come to me and say, ‘Here’s what happened,’ I’ll be honest with you (laughs).”

Kishi “At that time, please make it mild by saying that you have been interviewed in the past (laughs).

Takano: “I’ll do something, so then it’s a promise (laughs).”

For an hour, the two members of “Kishitakano” talked about their thoughts and feelings. The duo of classmates has only just begun their rapid progress.

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