Japan Basketball Team Member, Yuki Kawamura, Lives with an Idol Trainee Who Was a Classmate in High School in a Towaman | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Japan Basketball Team Member, Yuki Kawamura, Lives with an Idol Trainee Who Was a Classmate in High School in a Towaman

The No. 1 good-looking man in the basketball world who played a key role in Japan's qualification for the Paris Olympics.

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The real ‘SLAM DUNK’!

That’s what basketball fans were excited about at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. The Japanese national basketball team finished first in Asia and qualified for the Paris Olympics on its own for the first time in 48 years.

One month after the achievement, an SUV drove through the city of Yokohama at around 9 p.m. on a chilly night in early October. The driver of the SUV, Yuki Kawamura, 22, the youngest member of the team and a key figure in the team’s success at the Olympics, was driving the car with a familiar hand.

He is a small man, 172 cm tall, and his position is point guard, the team’s command post. Japan was excited about the World Cup not only because of his accomplishment, but also because he played in a way that could only be seen in the manga “SLAM DUNK,” which was made into a movie at the end of last year and became a hot topic. He assists each player and creates scoring chances. At times, he would cut into the opponent’s pocket with a powerful high-speed drive, turning the tide of a game that was going back and forth.

After the World Cup, he returned to his team, the Yokohama Bee Corsairs, and in the second game of the season, he scored 30 points by himself, leading the team to victory. Kawamura is a stoic and unflappable player who devotes himself to basketball. This magazine secretly witnessed the secret of his stable mentality.

Let us return to the previous scene. Kawamura is driving a car in front of a tower apartment building. When Kawamura’s car is illuminated by the light of a street lamp, a beautiful, fair-skinned woman dressed in pink is sitting on the passenger seat. When Kawamura pulled into the parking lot, the woman got out of the car and walked quickly into a nearby supermarket.

Kawamura is currently in a relationship with a woman. She is Mikoto Nakamori, 21, who was originally a beautiful identical twin YouTube star. She is the same age as Kawamura and is currently participating as a trainee in an audition program called ‘PRODUCE101 JAPAN THE GIRLS,’ season 3 of the popular program that produced ‘JO1’ and ‘INI’ among others” (Kawamura’s acquaintance).

Buying the Taste of Autumn ……

She had already decided what to buy, and after leaving the supermarket in about 10 minutes, she headed for the apartment where Kawamura was waiting for her. The plastic bag in her hand contained brightly colored fall salmon and pears.

Nakamori told me he was good at cooking,” Kawamura said. Kawamura and Nakamori were classmates at a high school in Fukuoka and had been dating since they were in school. Nakamori is in the performing arts course and stands out at school. Kawamura-kun was in a different class in a different school building and was quite popular, despite the fact that he had a close-cropped head at the time. After graduation, when Kawamura-kun left for the Kanto region for college, Nakamori also moved to Tokyo and joined an entertainment agency. They now live in separate houses nearby, but Kawamura has given Nakamori a duplicate key and they seem to be living together half the time,” said an acquaintance of Nakamori.

The two enjoyed a sleepover date that day. After Kawamura left for team practice a little past 7:00 p.m. the next night, the woman believed to be Nakamori changed into different clothes and went outside the townhouse. Shortly before Kawamura returned from practice, she went to the supermarket and bought salmon and pears, as she had done the day before. Perhaps out of concern for his health, this magazine directly interviewed Kawamura to confirm his relationship with Nakamori, who had chosen autumn delicacies. Kawamura responded to our interview in a parking lot near his home.

–Hello, this is Friday. The other day I saw you returning home with a woman, was it Mikoto Nakamori who was with you?

I’m sorry, it’s a private matter. Excuse me.”

–I’m sorry.

It’s a private matter, and I’m not at ……. I’m in a bit of a hurry.

With these words, he dodged the reporters with his superb footwork and entered his apartment.

When we later confirmed the fact of their relationship with Kawamura’s management company, we received the following response.

It is true that Kawamura and Nakamori have been dating since high school and that they met on the date in question. Kawamura told us, ‘We have been important to each other for a long time since we were in high school, and we have a good relationship with each other as we are both pursuing our dreams.

When directly interviewed, Kawamura did not admit to being in a relationship with her, perhaps out of concern for Nakamori, who is currently participating in an audition program whose results are determined by viewer votes. Japan’s number one point guard made a spectacular assist in love as well.

Kawamura, interviewed directly by this magazine before returning home, spends his weekdays after the World Cup participating in team practices and his Saturdays and Sundays going to games.
Nakamori, who stayed over at Kawamura’s house the next day, was still shopping for him at the supermarket. The bag in his hand contained salmon and pears, just like the day before.
Nakamori gets out of the car driven by Kawamura and goes to the supermarket alone. She is 162 cm tall, about 10 cm taller than Kawamura. She and her sister Kotone are participating in an audition program together.
Kawamura returned home a little later than Nakamori, who had just returned from the supermarket, and we wonder if Nakamori is the “family-oriented woman” listed in the “Favorite Type” section of the website.
Unpublished photograph of Yuki Kawamura, a basketball player on Japan’s national basketball team, “living together in a townhouse” with an idol trainee who was his classmate in high school.
Unpublished cuts from the magazine: Yuki Kawamura, commander of Japan’s national basketball team, “living together in a townhouse” with an idol trainee who was a classmate in high school.
Unpublished photograph of Yuki Kawamura, commander of Japan’s national basketball team, living together with a high school classmate, an idol trainee, in a townhouse.

From the November 3, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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