Saori Yoshida, whose brother was punished for “corporal punishment” of a 6-year-old child, “mother and local police” were also unreasonable and “a blow to her talent business. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Saori Yoshida, whose brother was punished for “corporal punishment” of a 6-year-old child, “mother and local police” were also unreasonable and “a blow to her talent business.

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Former Wrestling Gold Medalist Saori Yoshida’s Brother’s Assault Issue Surfaces

Saori Yoshida, a three-time consecutive Olympic champion in wrestling, is in the midst of a turmoil.

At her family’s Isshi Junior Wrestling School (Tsu City, Mie Prefecture), run by her brother Eiri, corporal punishment of a then 6-year-old student came to light. In September of this year, the Japan Wrestling Association suspended Eiri from teaching for two years.

Isshi Junior Wrestling School” was established in 1985 by Eikatsu Yoshida (61), a former wrestler and father of Saori, who died suddenly in 2002, and is well known locally.

According to Gendai Weekly, which reported the corporal punishment, the incident occurred in 2003. Eiri slapped the son of one of the coaches at Isshi Junior three times, causing the six-year-old student to blow up. His face was bleeding and he suffered concussion-like symptoms, and although the cause and effect are unknown, he still has extremely poor vision in his left eye.

His father, Eikatsu, is a legendary coach who led Yoshida to three consecutive Olympic titles.

However, Eikatsu also held a bamboo sword in his hand and repeatedly gave strict coaching on a daily basis. In an article on September 12, 2008, on the official website of the Japan Wrestling Association, Eikatsu’s words remain.

I thought I had let my eldest son die three times. The Board of Education sent me a letter of guidance.

She laughed bitterly, it said.

In addition, there is an episode that Saori revealed when she appeared on TV in the past.

One time, she broke her wrist and had surgery to put a bolt in, but a national tournament was coming up in a month and a half. In order to allow him to compete, his father had to remove the bolt that was sticking out.

“Go get it cut to a length where you can put a taping on it,” he ordered.

The father rushed to the police and was told, “You’ll be surprised.

He said, “My father Eikatsu was a great general, albeit a Spartan one, and he was very loving. However, the elder brother, Eiri, seemed to be angry with the 6-year-old boy who wouldn’t stop crying this time and hit him.

Some people reported that he may have been impatient because he was being compared to his father. When you teach martial arts in a closed space, corporal punishment can occur. And it is a situation that will not go away.

It seems that Eiri is not the only one being unreasonable. According to Weekly Gendai, the victim’s father has just reported the incident to the Tsunan Police Department,

According to Shukan Gendai, when the victim’s father reported the incident to the Tsunan Police Department, he was accused of “knowing that corporal punishment would be administered to his child.

He was taken to another room and told, “I won’t sue you about this anymore.

He was taken to another room, and even wrote a memorandum saying, “I will not sue you again over this matter.

He was even made to write a memorandum saying that he would not sue again over the matter. It seems as if they covered up the incident so as not to tarnish the name of Saori Yoshida, a local hero.

Another unreasonable character is the mother, Yukiyo.

When Hyundai directly reports that when the victim complained to them about the incident, she said

I wanted to say, “Why are you talking so much about the case at first?

He replied, “I don’t know why you are talking so much about the case. He added

“It was a ‘slight misunderstanding of feelings’ that led to this mess.

He also stated, “It was a small misunderstanding of feelings that got us into this mess. Is this what the mother of the assailant would say?

A wrestling instructor weighing more than 110 kg beat a 6-year-old kindergartener so severely that his face bled, only to have him suspended from coaching for two years. The police tried to cover up the incident, and the mother and the offender still have not apologized to the victim’s family at all.

How can this be called a nation governed by the rule of law? …… It is also questionable whether Ms. Saori was aware of any corporal punishment by her family’s wrestling dojo. There is a possibility that her talent activities will be affected. ……

Saori is a hero of Japan who won the National Medal of Honor. Behind the scenes, her brother was beating an unarmed kindergartener. I hope there will be no more “second and third arrow” reports of victims…

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