Past video of Shibayu being drowned in a swimming pool…Tokai On Air’s “divorce scandal” developed into “bullying allegations” and caused a huge firestorm. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Past video of Shibayu being drowned in a swimming pool…Tokai On Air’s “divorce scandal” developed into “bullying allegations” and caused a huge firestorm.

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Tokai On Air” is a popular six-member YouTube group. After “bullying allegations” surfaced against Shibayu (left), leader Tetsuya (third from left) got down on his knees. ……

A major topic of conversation in the YouTube community has been the controversy surrounding the six-member YouTube group “Tokai On Air.

The characters are group leader Tetsuya, Shibayu, and Shibayu’s wife, Ayanan.

It all started when Ayanan suddenly announced on SNS that she and Shibayu were divorcing and vented her long-standing grudge against Tetsuya. Tetsuya hates Ayanan, and has repeatedly pushed her and Shibayu into a corner since their marriage in 2004.

At first Shibayu tried to calm his wife down, but eventually he exploded. He lashed out at both Ayanan and Tetsuya on social networking sites, and his state of mind became unmanageable.

The Internet was flooded with concerned voices, and Tetsuya apologized for his words and actions that caused the couple’s stress. According to Ayanan, he recently got down on his knees and apologized in front of the couple.

On October 25, Tetsuya announced on the group’s new video that he would be taking a hiatus for a few months and would also cancel the 10th anniversary event at the Ariake Arena scheduled for December.

The five members met with Shibayu in person and apologized to him. Tetsuya said

Tetsuya said, “(Shibayu) went to the hospital for a checkup, and as a result, he has been diagnosed with a mental illness and is currently taking medication to treat it. So far, he is gradually recovering and getting better and better.

He explained, “I’m recovering gradually and getting better and better at the moment. About the future

He is positive that he will continue to work as “Tokai On Air. He told me that the six of us are his friends. I think it’s a relief that we were able to talk about how the six of us will continue to get along as friends in any way we can.

Shibayu said.

Nevertheless, the fact that the “friendliness” of the group has ultimately pushed Shibayu into a corner is a serious matter. On the Internet, there were voices of hope for the future of Tokai On Air, and at the same time, there were comments such as

“I was taken aback at once.
I felt like I was being shown a video of bullying.
“Even if they come back, I am not confident that I will be able to watch them as I have in the past.

In fact, the group has been using a quiz format.

In fact, the group has distributed videos that exposed Shibayu’s sex life in the form of quizzes and a project in which Shibayu “does not let” Shibayu sleep after an all-nighter. Shibayu has also revealed on SNS that both videos caused him a great deal of physical and mental damage. A sports newspaper reporter in charge of entertainment said.

One of the reasons for this was the group’s “bad joke” project. It was the line between entertainment and bullying.

The group’s past videos have also drawn criticism. In a video released in December 2006 on the sub-channel “Tokai On Air’s Waiting Room,” while all the members were eating lunch together, a member Ryo, who was sitting next to Shibayu, said to Shibayu with a dazed look on his face

I’m telling you you’re annoying!

and covered Shibayu’s face with his hand. In the middle of the performance, Ryo covered her mouth and nose. The members laughed as Shibayu writhed in agony, but did nothing to stop her.

Also, the “Memories” video released in April ’19 was a good example of this.

The members also shared their own memories of the event in a video titled “If Best Friends Made a ‘Chronological Table of Memories’ Together, They Wouldn’t Be Alike! Part 2”.

the “punishment” Shibayu received during his high school years was revealed. Ryo, a classmate of Shibayu’s, said

“Dunking Shibayu in the pool.

“He would make him run naked along the side of the pool.

“Shibayu was beaten up by the teacher.

“Shibayu is left in a long tube in the gymnasium.

The video includes such episodes as “Shibayu is drowned in the pool. The videos include

Please be careful not to imitate Ryo. Please be careful not to imitate Ryo.

The fan mentality has also changed after the recent turmoil. A representative from a mid-sized YouTube agency said, “I used to laugh at the videos, but now I can’t.

A person at a mid-sized YouTube agency said, “Even videos that used to be easy to watch with a smile are now being watched with a critical eye. If Tokai On Air were to make a comeback with the six members again, would they be able to surprise Shibayu?

Even if you push friendship to the forefront, there will be people who will look at it in a skewed way. A change in the fans’ “point of view” would have a great impact on the group,” he points out.

He also points out that the number of subscribers to Tokai On Air’s channel has increased.

Tokai On Air’s channel currently has about 7 million subscribers and remains highly popular. However, it should not be forgotten that the number of subscribers temporarily dropped by 30,000 due to the series of disturbances. Will it be able to withstand the severe scrutiny of its fans?

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