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Ayase Haruka’s various changes as she “fascinates” her fans!

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In November this year, she freaked out on the set of a drama!

“Wow! ~~~~~~!”

The actress Haruka Ayase (36) showed us an expression that would fit perfectly in a speech balloon. It was a morning in November this year, at a shooting site in Tokyo. The script held by a staff member had the words “New Year SP Drama” printed on it.

Ayase, a hard-bitten career woman, is married to Yutaka Takenouchi. It’s probably a New Year’s special of the popular drama “My Mother-in-law and Her Daughter’s Blues” (TBS), in which Ayase grows up as a mother-in-law to her daughter played by Moka Kamishiraishi. Last year, a New Year’s special was also aired on New Year’s Day,” said an employee of a commercial key station.

Ayase’s appearance was crisp, with glasses and a suit. It seems that they were filming a scene where she looks up at a building while doing an acrobatics.

Ayase has been active in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years since winning the Judge’s Special Prize at the “Horipro Talent Scout Caravan” in 2000, and has starred in many films, including the NHK historical drama “Yae no Sakura”. We hope you can feel her overwhelming aura in these treasured photos.

Sweating and sprinting up a hill

Ayase and Kamishiraishi dashing down a hill. Photo taken in November 2007.

In the middle of the day in November 2007. In the middle of the day in November 2007, a large number of film crew members gathered in Ota Ward, Tokyo, to film a drama. Ayase was wearing a suit and Moka Kamishiraishi was wearing a G-jacket.

They were filming a special drama that aired on New Year’s Day 2008, a sequel to “My Mother-in-law and Her Daughter’s Blues,” which I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Ayase and Kamishiraishi showed no signs of fatigue as they ran down the slope with their hair in a frenzy.

Ayase and Kamishiraishi showed no signs of fatigue as they ran hard down the slope, shaking their hair. The scene they were filming that day was a scene where a stroller with a baby in it went downhill and the two of them rushed to chase it down.

Going to a Yakiniku restaurant with a Korean star who is said to be her “boyfriend

March of 2007. Ayase leaves the restaurant with a satisfied look on her face. In March 2007, Ayase left the restaurant with a satisfied look on her face. Five minutes before this, a Korean star who was rumored to be her boyfriend emerged from the restaurant.

In the July 16, 2008 issue of Josei Seven, it was reported that Ayase was in a “top-secret relationship” with Korean TV personality Noh Min-woo. Although it was a report of a passionate relationship between two nationally known actresses, the offices of both parties completely denied their relationship. However, about a year and four months before the report, this magazine had witnessed the two having a “date” at a yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo.

A little after 7 p.m. in mid-March 2007, we spotted Ayase getting out of a minivan in Hiroo, Tokyo. Ayase met up with a woman who appeared to be an acquaintance, and they entered a nearby high-class yakiniku restaurant, S. Just five minutes later, a tall man wearing black-rimmed glasses appears in a cab and enters the same restaurant alone. It was the rumored Noh Min-woo.

Two hours later, the stylish man left the restaurant again, this time alone, and got into a cab and drove away. Five minutes later, Ayase emerged from the store with a satisfied smile on her face and walked away, looking around.

Satisfied face shown after shopping

As soon as she left the building after finishing her shopping at the general store, it started to rain heavily. Ayase frowned a little. photo taken in April 2007.

It was an afternoon in April 2007. It was an afternoon in April 2007, and I saw Ayase in front of a multi-tenant building in Ebisu, Tokyo. When she got out of the pickup truck, she looked around suspiciously, but soon smiled and went to the stairs of the building. Two and a half hours later, I left the building with a large paper bag in my hand. He must have been visiting a general merchandise boutique in the building. The satisfied look on her face showed that she had done a satisfactory shopping.

Ayase shows us a variety of expressions from time to time. The variety of her looks is probably what broadens her range as an actress.

After a break from filming the drama, Ayase returns to the set with a serious expression on her face and a script in hand.
“I ran! I ran! I laughed! The location of the big hustle. Taken in March of this year.
She smiles as she takes off half of her jacket during a break in filming.
Having a careful meeting with the staff just before going on location. Photographed in January 2008.
She also has an enchanting expression on her face.
At the launch of the TV drama “Idaten. While many people were late, Ayase arrived just in time before the party started. photo taken in October 2007
  • Photography Kotaro Okada, Takao Kawakami, Yusuke Kondo, Yasuko Sakaguchi, Sota Shima, Ichiro Takatsuka, Keisuke Nishi, Kojiro Yamada

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