Susumu Fujita, President of CyberAgent, Builds a Huge Mansion With an Estimated Cost of 900 Million Yen for the Land Alone | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Susumu Fujita, President of CyberAgent, Builds a Huge Mansion With an Estimated Cost of 900 Million Yen for the Land Alone

We wondered if an elementary school was going to be built. ......A mansion with a site area of 2,700 m2 is under construction in the Shonan area of Kanagawa Prefecture. We spoke to residents in the surrounding area. ......

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Some passersby took pictures of the mansion under construction because of its sheer size.

A mansion under construction in a prime location in the Shonan area of Kanagawa, overlooking Sagami Bay, is so huge that it is causing consternation among local residents.

“When the land improvement work started two years ago, I assumed that an elementary school would be built because of the vastness of the site. However, a signboard was put up that read ‘Residence F,’ and we later found out that it was the mansion of Susumu Fujita, 50, president of CyberAgent, a major IT company.”


According to the building plan, it is a “detached house,” but the site area is a whopping 2,696 m2 (about 800 tsubo). The garage alone occupies 56 m2, and a three-story reinforced concrete house, equivalent to a condominium, is scheduled to be built there at the end of October.

“The prime seaside lot in this area could be sold for 1.2 million yen per tsubo. The land alone is worth an estimated 960 million yen. If the upper structure is also reinforced concrete, it will probably cost no less than 1 billion yen.”

The economy is booming, but the sheer size of the project is having an adverse effect. Another resident of the neighborhood confides, 

“Since the construction started, some people have complained of sleeplessness due to the vibration and noise. Even though this is a large-scale construction project, the contractor only held an explanatory meeting and did not greet the residents door-to-door. There used to be a recreation center here for a subsidiary of a major automaker, but the land had been cleared in recent years. Most regrettably, a number of residents have lost their view of the ocean, blocked by the building.”


When we asked CyberAgent about the use of the property and its views on complaints from nearby residents, we received the following response through its public relations department.

“We are very sorry, but we will refrain from giving you a response due to the private nature of the matter. Fujita said he would like to build a good relationship with the neighborhood.”

In an interview with the online media, President Fujita stated, “In business, the first lead is crucial. The first lead is also the key to a good relationship with your neighbors.”

President Fujita’s mansion, photographed from across the ocean. The size of the house stands out in comparison with neighboring condominiums.
In his personal life, President Fujita married his former secretary in 2009. Their first child was born in 2013.

From the October 27, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Shinji Hamasaki (residence) Kyodo News (President Fujita)

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