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Sudden Death of a Takarazuka Member Brings Light to Repeated Bullying of Takarazuka Co-Stars

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Yuki Amami, who was not only popular but also extremely well-liked (July ’17).

The Takarazuka Revue announced on July 20 that it would cancel all performances at the Takarazuka Grand Theater in Hyogo Prefecture, which had been suspended from July 1, until November 5 due to the sudden death of a Takarazuka Revue actor.

“The reason is that an investigation by outside lawyers is continuing. Despite some weekly magazines reporting on the bullying issue at Takarazuka in February of this year, the theater company has not gone through with it. Even among Zuka fans (a common name for fans of the Takarazuka Revue), it has been said, ‘It must be a lie.’ It is very similar to the composition of the former Johnny’s office and its fans,” said a reporter for a theater magazine.


The “secret garden” called “JKT” on the Internet consists of J=Johnny’s, K=Kabuki, and T=Takarazuka. The case was triggered by reports of his power harassment and sexual harassment in a women’s weekly magazine.

And you know about Johnny’s. This year, the JKT is getting the scalpel to the fire.

The Shukan Bunshun, which reported the Takarazuka bullying issue in detail, went on to report that the actor who died suddenly had been bullied by his seniors. The contents of the report were so insidious that we hesitate to recount them here. In Takarazuka, where not only etiquette is strictly taught, but also hierarchical relationships are said to be the most severe. In such a situation,

“There are some unreasonable rules that are unique to music schools and theater troupes, but it is Yuki Amami, known as Yuri-chan, who is said to have reformed those rules,” said a fan of Takarazuka from the past.

Amami is known for entering Takarazuka Music School at the top of her class and being selected for the leading role in a rookie performance in her first year with the company.


“She is famous for eliminating the rule that male actors had to pin up their hair, even when walking outside. Yuri-chan was also the one who banned Zuka fans from waiting outside the theater after 10 pm.”

“She was also known for clearly asserting that something was not right, even if it was a senior or a teacher, and as long as Yuri-chan’s present, there was almost no bullying.”

Naturally, even after leaving the troupe, her reputation in the entertainment world has been excellent.

“She is now willing to be treated as an “auntie”. She is also known for her excellent leadership of the actors in the movie “Emergency Room: the Final,” whose release has been postponed due to the fact that Ennosuke was in the movie.”

Similarly, Miki Maya, whose post-retirement work has been fulfilling, is also very popular for her “leadership” in information programs and TV dramas.

“When she joined “Vivid” (TBS), there was a time when she and TOKIO’s Taichi Kokubun, who was in the MC’s seat, had a falling out. However, Maya invited him out to dinner and had discussions with him about the program, which brought us closer together and improved the atmosphere of the program. She is really good at putting people at ease and getting inside their heads.”


However, Takarazuka actresses like Amami and Maya are rare in the industry.

“A certain male actor, when he was a Takarazuka actor, would often tell his juniors, ‘That’s why you’re no good,’ and would intentionally step on the foot of a female actor on stage and call her ‘a terrible actress.’”

“After leaving the troupe, she became popular for her tough talk, but it became known in the industry that she was “not funny,” “didn’t understand the extent of her talent,” and “I feel too sorry for the junior female talent who performed with her.””


In fact, Takarazuka Revue performers often work as MCs or commentators for information programs, but a local station production staff member said, 

“Do they think they won’t be exposed because it’s a local station that doesn’t broadcast nationally? Another male actor, who was famous for his harsh personality even during his Takarazuka days, is known for his tendency to boss his co-stars around.”

“He is known to show favoritism toward his co-stars in a way that makes the young female performers feel uncomfortable, and I have heard the head of the company say that he is a candidate to be fired next.”

He laments, “I’ve even heard top management say that they are ‘next in line to be fired.

They say, “Announcer A has a cute face and attitude, but Announcer B is really useless,” “Can’t you do something about it? Why did you bring this girl in?” During commercials and after the show, they would say whatever they wanted to say.


“Announcer B’s face gets drawn in the morning only on the days when that commentator comes on, and she chews more than usual because of her nervousness. When he saw that, he would say to her, ‘That’s why you’re no good.’ Thinking back, I feel that his appearances on local TV stations have been drastically reduced.”

“Perhaps such outbursts were tolerated during Takarazuka’s time. However, she doesn’t seem to understand that if she continues to bully her younger co-stars at the same rate, she will really lose her job.”


What do the OGs think about the Takarazuka Revue’s current situation?


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Yuki Amami as a Takarazuka top actor
Amami in a silver dress at a movie event in April ’02.
August ’97. At a press conference for the completion of the drama “Singles” (Kansai Television).
April ’13. Amami attends a dinner party to celebrate the marriage of her younger sister, Kanno.
April ’14. Even with her face hidden, you can tell it’s her by her style.
April 2018. Amami having dinner with her co-stars between performances.
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