Touching boys in the bathtub, sticking their lower bodies into girls’ gym clothes…one after another! The shocking contents of the “teacher’s indecency case | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Touching boys in the bathtub, sticking their lower bodies into girls’ gym clothes…one after another! The shocking contents of the “teacher’s indecency case

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Arrested suspect Sotosaki

A series of indecent assaults by teachers have been reported.

On October 16, the Saitama Prefectural Police Asaka Police Station arrested Mikichi Tosaki, 43, a teacher at a public junior high school, on suspicion of indecent assault. The suspect is said to have touched a male student who was his student. The suspect denies the crime, saying, “I didn’t do it.

The alleged incident occurred on the night of September 6, 2007. The suspect was visiting a lodging facility in Gunma Prefecture for two days and one night with a group of students for an event at the junior high school where he was working at the time. The suspect allegedly saw that he was alone with the alleged victim, a teenage male student, in the bathroom, and committed an indecent act, including touching him.

In September 2010, the police received a report from a related organization in Saitama Prefecture that a male student had been sexually assaulted by a teacher in a bathroom. The police launched an investigation, which led to his arrest. The suspect is known as an excellent teacher who, as an advisor of a brass band, has led his school to participate in the “All Japan Brass Band Competition” six times in the past. In response to the incident, the Asaka City Board of Education has commented that it will “work to restore an environment where children can come to school in peace.

A female student’s socks in the boys’ restroom: ……

Sotosaki is not the only teacher caught in Saitama Prefecture; two more teachers were arrested on October 16.

Sayama Police arrested a public high school teacher, Youki Mizuno, 25. In April of this year, he called a teenage high school girl to his apartment and committed an indecent act. According to the Sayama Police Department, he admitted the charge, ‘It was to satisfy my sexual desire.

In addition, the Tokorozawa police arrested Yuta Sone, 28, a teacher at a private high school.’ Between April and October 2010, he allegedly took a female student’s gym clothes and socks into the men’s restroom and soiled them by making her lower body close to his. He made a statement to the investigators to the effect that he could not suppress his desire for the student because she was his favorite student.

In recent years, there has been no end to the number of indecent assaults by teachers at schools and cram schools.

On September 11, a former public junior high school principal was arrested for filming his former student, a female student, naked. On the same day, a former teacher at Yotsuya Otsuka, a major junior high school entrance examination cram school, was arrested again on charges of indecent exposure.

Most teachers take their jobs seriously. However, there are some who have warped sexual desires for children. For them, the educational setting is the perfect place to come into contact with children who are the object of their desire.

The “Administration for Children and Families” has indicated its intention to enable the use of a “Japanese version of DBS” that can check criminal records, based on the British system. This system allows schools and cram schools to check the criminal reference system when hiring teachers and instructors. A related bill will be submitted to the Diet as soon as possible.

The emotional scars of the victimized students will never heal. An urgent response is needed to this malicious crime that takes advantage of the teacher’s position as a teacher.

Allegedly touched a male student in the bathroom (some photos have been doctored)
He denied the charges when questioned.
Three teachers were arrested in Saitama Prefecture on October 16
The suspect, Tonozaki, was an excellent teacher who led a brass band to a national competition (photo partially doctored).
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