Representative Hiramoto has a history of giving instructions on “how to get into Johnny’s”… “doubts” spreading due to the “no press conference” by the association of the parties concerned. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Representative Hiramoto has a history of giving instructions on “how to get into Johnny’s”… “doubts” spreading due to the “no press conference” by the association of the parties concerned.

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Junya Hiramoto (left), head of the “Johnny’s Sexual Assault Association,” and Shimon Ishimaru, vice head of the controversial “money-oriented” group.

The “Johnny’s Sexual Assault Association” has reached a crossroads.

Former Johnny’s Jr. member Yukihiro Oshima, former “Kis-My-Ft2” member Kyohei Iida, and former “Ninja” member Yasunobu Shiga have all left the association due to differences in policy.

In addition, Vice Representative Shimon Ishimaru posted on the YouTube channel “Arc Times

I dare to say that I am here for the money.

This statement caused quite a stir.

Furthermore, on October 16, in a written request to the former Johnny’s

The profits from the new company should also be used to compensate the victims and provide relief to them.

This statement has caused controversy among Johnny’s fans and others.

The perpetrator, Mr. Janney Kitagawa, is no longer with us. There is no doubt that monetary compensation is a prerequisite for a solution. However, that part of the story has become so front and center that it has become a topic of controversy on social networking sites and elsewhere,

“Exorbitant demands and requests for large sums of money seem to be a form of “hawking” to take advantage of a weakness.

“Was he mistaken in his interpretation of the phrase, ‘remedy beyond the law’?”

“I feel that the original voices of the victims who are truly suffering are being drowned out by these people.

Many have questioned the policy of the association.

However, there have been doubts about the “parties’ association” for some time.

In “Daily News Online” on July 26, 2005, about six years ago, Junya Hiramoto, the representative of the association, wrote a book titled “[How to get into Johnny’s]: Behind-the-scenes of audition details and how to apply,

How to get into Johnny’s: The insider’s guide to audition details and how to apply.

Hiramoto wrote an article titled “Junya Hiramoto’s Sociology of Johnny’s.

Hiramoto has been accusing Johnny’s of sexual abuse since the late 1980s, and published a book titled “All About Johnny’s” in 1996. And he has been interviewed by the BBC for the past five years, and was a big help in the broadcast in March of this year. He was instrumental in bringing the issue of sexual assault to light, so to speak.

However, just before he said that he had been cooperating with the BBC, he wrote this article, “How to Get Into Johnny’s.” He said, “If I wrote everything, it would take a book,

I even made a pitch to a publishing company, saying, “If I write everything, it will be enough for a book.

I’d have to write a whole book if I did it all. The article begins with the following words.

There are many times when I am glad that I am from Johnny’s. Compared to other production companies, the treatment is completely different.

and emphasizes the advantages that other entertainment companies do not have.

He also explains how the process of acceptance or rejection is determined after applying to Johnny’s, and how he was told directly by Mr. Johnny, rather than by the company staff, “You should come and visit us.

“You should come visit us.

The book also describes the “home-run” level of “janiden,” in which you receive a phone call directly from Mr. Janney, not from a staff member of the company, inviting you to come visit. In addition, the article goes on to say that the most important thing is

The only way to get into Johnny’s is to meet Mr. Johnny.

If you meet Mr. Janney, who is a “dangerous man,” and if he likes you, he will take you to his dressing room or backyard on the same day.

If it was so hard for you as a victim of sexual assault, why do you recommend that you join Johnny’s? ……

FRIDAY Digital submitted a letter of inquiry about this matter via the “Association of Parties” website. We also called Mr. Ishimaru, who is in charge of public relations, to request an interview with Mr. Hiramoto, but have not received a reply until about a month has passed.

The association has received so many slanderous comments that they feel they are in danger, so they have removed the names and photos of the members from their website. They have stated that they will not hold any press conferences in the future.

However, it may be difficult to gain the “public’s understanding” if they decide to “keep quiet” in the future, despite the fact that many members have left the association and questions have been raised about them. ……” (sports newspaper reporter)

There is no doubt that Mr. Janney’s case is a sexual assault case that will remain in the history of mankind. Therefore, it is hoped that as many victims as possible will be saved.

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