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Evaluation and Future” of Toho Cinderella Riko Fukumoto, “The Actress Most Loved by Johnny’s.”

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Riko Fukumoto, who will inevitably break out next year (March 31, 2011/April 7, 2011 issue)

There may not be many readers whose faces immediately come to mind when the name “young actress Riko Fukumoto” is mentioned.

In the July season of this year, she appeared in the drama “Trillion Game” (TBS) starring Ren Meguro of “Snow Man” fame, where she drew attention for her role as the president of an ultra-serious and uptight venture company. In the October season, he also appeared in “One Day: Seiyoru Yoru no Karafuda” (Fuji TV), a Monday 9 drama series starring Kazuya Ninomiya of “Arashi” fame. She plays a rookie reporter at a local TV station.

She won the grand prix at the 8th “Toho Cinderella” audition in ’16 and made her debut.’ She has starred in four films so far, including the movie “Thoughts, Thoughts, Pretends, and Fluffs,” released in 2008, but “Trillion” was her first prime time drama series. His acting ability is well known, and he is expected to make a breakthrough next year,” said a writer for an entertainment magazine.

Speaking of Fukumoto, she was known to some of her fans as a top-class name even more than her title as a “Toho Cinderella” Grand Prix winner, a title also won by Yasuko Sawaguchi, Masami Nagasawa, and Moe Kamihiraishi. That is….

Janita. When you search for ‘Riko Fukumoto,’ the first thing that comes up is ‘Johnny’s.’ Johnny’s are aware of the fact that she is an “actress who is paid by Johnny’s,” and they envy her, saying, “I wonder how many virtues I have to accumulate to be able to perform with so many Johnny’s…” “I’m a fan of Johnny’s,” she said. ‘” (Writer, above).

In the January 2009 season, he was the heroine in “Mawaru sa, kimi ni” (MBS), starring Ryusei Onishi of “Naniwa Danshi” fame. (In the October season, she was the heroine in “Vanished First Love” (TV Asahi), starring Shunsuke Michieda of “Naniwa Boys” and Ren Meguro of “Snow Man”.

In the July ’22 season, she played the role of a lover in the mystery drama “Akai Nurse Call” (TV Tokyo) starring Katsutoshi Sato of “Sexy Zone. In July, she starred in the movie “Tonight, When This Love Vanishes from the World” with Naniwa Otoko’s Michieda. In “Trillion Game” and “One Day,” in which she is currently starring, the main roles are also played by janitare.

It should be noted that she is not the target of any jealousy from the janitas.

One of the janitors said, “Female celebrities and actresses who are reported to be in relationships with janitori, as well as actresses who co-star with janitori, are flamed on the Internet if they appear even slightly close to them at public events or in promotional material. In addition, actresses who “smell” that they are close to each other are directly attacked on social networking sites.

As you know, the former Johnny’s office hates romantic scandals with “Johnny’s” the most. Secondly, a disturbed actress. However, a senior executive at an entertainment agency assures us that Fukumoto has no such concerns.

There are no dating reports or scandals at all. She is not boyish by any means, but she does not sell her feminine charms at all. In addition, he is young, has a good image, and is well received on the scene for his solid acting.

The fact that she does not have a strong personality has helped that her performances with the janitori have not generally made an impression on the public and have not been a topic of conversation. It seems unlikely that her history of performing with them will interfere with her career.”

Although Fukumoto has had a constant stream of offers from the former Johnny’s office, it is unlikely that this situation will continue. It is likely that her agency will also fade out her collaborations with the janitorial staff. Among those involved in the theater,

“If Ms. Fukumoto can add a strong push like her predecessors in ‘Toho Cinderella,’ she could be even more successful.

The expectations are high. I hope that he will continue to appear in plays like this until “Johnny’s” no longer comes up when searching for his name.

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