Hit-and-run accident victim Toshifumi Fujimoto: “Gaya” and “that famous project” that will never be seen again, even if he returns to work with the support of Sanma. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hit-and-run accident victim Toshifumi Fujimoto: “Gaya” and “that famous project” that will never be seen again, even if he returns to work with the support of Sanma.

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He was so talkative during the direct interview in this magazine’s passionate love scoop… (Sept. 8, ’23 issue)

Why is he so foolish? It is common sense for drivers to promptly contact the police and insurance company after an accident. Of course, if anyone is injured, an ambulance must be called.

The hit-and-run accident caused by Toshifumi Fujimoto, 52, of the comedy duo “Fujiwara,” also known as Fujimon, has caused quite a stir. There are many examples of celebrities walking away from traffic accidents.

It would be fair to say that they lack the common sense of a member of society, but they tend to panic more easily than ordinary people. That is, they are too conscious of the fact that they are a celebrity, and they overreact, fearing that they will be criticized by the public or penalized and lose their jobs.

You can’t decide that you didn’t commit a crime and that it was just an accident. I don’t mean entertainers in general, but even some of the older and more prominent ones are involved.

Speaking of traffic accidents involving celebrities, Hitomi Yoshizawa, a former member of Morning Musume・(Morning Musume。), who caused a hit-and-run accident in 2006 by driving under the influence of alcohol, comes to mind. Hitomi Yoshizawa, a former member of “Morning Musume” who was involved in a hit-and-run accident in 2006. In her case, it was clearly a crime, but a minor fender bender or property damage accident is not a crime. Even if it becomes a news story, she will not be blamed by the public. However, if she runs away without proper handling of the situation, she will be charged with a serious crime. Naturally, he must take responsibility.

Thanks to this, Fujimoto was forced to suspend his activities. It was a natural consequence,

Akashiya Sanma appeared on “Young Town Saturday” (MBS Radio) on October 14 and revealed that Fujimoto had contacted him to apologize. Since he is a cute junior who adores him, he will spare no effort to help him make a comeback.

There is a possibility of a speedy comeback if he uses Yoshimoto’s own content, but television may be quite difficult.

But TV may be very difficult.

A check of Fujimoto’s programs shows that most of them are variety shows, but surprisingly, all of them are “irregular appearances” and none of them are regulars.

So, it would seem that there is no particular impact on the program side of things.

But he has a lot of fans. He is a top-notch “gaya-geisha” comedian, and his famous programs such as “London Hearts” and “Ametalk! (both on TV Asahi) are a blow.

In particular, “Ametalk! was a very popular program, and Fujimon is the only one who has remained on the show for eight years since its first broadcast. You could say that the project was made for him.

Fujimon does not officially have a regular program, but I think it is safe to say that this is the only regular program he has.

In programs featuring many comedians, they want to quickly drop comedians who are not popular, and it is necessary to constantly replace them to keep the show fresh, so there are cases where comedians do not sign “regular appearance contracts”. It is also easier for an agency to put a newcomer they want to promote into a program.

A popular comedian like Fujimon can continue to appear on the show, but if he is not under a regular contract, he is still worried about when he will stop receiving offers to appear on the show, so he tries his best not to get bored with it. It will also help him grow as a performer, so I don’t think it will be a negative for him. However, if he causes a scandal like this one, he will be fired immediately, so he has to be really careful in his personal life,” said a person in charge of a commercial variety show.

Of course, the actor himself is probably the most upset, but his fans, who had been looking forward to seeing his “jumpy performance,” are probably the most disappointed.

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