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Stories Revealed Behind Johnny Kitagawa’s “Toilet Sexual Assault” in NHK and TV Asahi

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New President Noriyuki Higashiyama and former President Keiko Fujishima Julie apologizing for Johnny Kitagawa’s sexual assault

The late Mr. Johnny Kitagawa’s abnormal sexual urges have been reported one after another.


A year ago, he was regarded as a “rare and famous producer,” but now that his sexual assaults have come to light one after another, he can be called “the greatest sexual perpetrator in human history.”

Yasunobu Shiga, a member of the Johnny’s group “Ninja,” has accused Mr. Johnny of sexual assault in TV Asahi’s office. According to him, when he was a member of Johnny’s Jr.

“I was sexually assaulted in a bathroom in a prefab building at TV Asahi.”

Sexual assaults in toilets also reportedly occurred at NHK.

The station’s news program “News 7” broadcast on October 9 reported the testimony of a man who had been sexually assaulted multiple times by Janney in a restroom in NHK’s office in Shibuya, Tokyo.

According to the man in his 30s who made the accusation, in the fall of 2002, when he was a high school student, he participated in dance practice for “The Boys Club,” a music program featuring Johnny’s Jr. There, he says, he was victimized by Mr. Johnny, who took him to a private restroom during a break.

He was victimized five times in the station’s restroom, and when the man refused, he was not invited to lessons after that.


In response, NHK Chairman Nobuo Inaba said at a regular press conference on March 18

“We take this matter very seriously. This is a problem that cannot be overlooked.”

The Boys’ Club, which was the scene of the sexual assault, cancelled the public taping of the November 10 and 17 broadcasts. There is a possibility that the program will be terminated.

On the 9th, the day of the NHK report, the former Johnny’s released a statement on their official website saying, “There have been several cases in which people who were most likely not victims have told false stories using the testimonies of real victims.

and issued a statement to the media. A reporter for a national newspaper said

“The main reason is that Mr. Johnny, the main culprit, has already passed away. Even if the victims raise their voices, there is only a limited way to confirm whether or not they are telling the truth.”


In the midst of all this, some of the definitive evidence of sexual assault has actually been brought to the attention of some media outlets, including sports newspapers, behind the scenes. The evidence shows Mr. Johnny’s and a big-name Johnny’s alumnus in close proximity, but according to a reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports paper, the evidence is not clear.

“We can’t show it to the public out of consideration for Johnny’s alumni. Even if he wanted to, it would be impossible to publish the photo because it is shocking.”

This is the reality.

The extent of the damage caused by Johnny’s sexual assault is being conveyed to us on a daily basis. It is clear that Mr. Johnny should have been punished “while he was still alive”.

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