Despite two previous affairs and allegations of infidelity… Junichi Okada’s surprising reputation in the industry for being “safe and sound even after becoming independent. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Despite two previous affairs and allegations of infidelity… Junichi Okada’s surprising reputation in the industry for being “safe and sound even after becoming independent.

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Junichi Okada when he was 19 (left) and now (right).

The “quitting-japanese allergy” of some fans does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Like Yuta Kishi, who joined TOBE, Junichi Okada (42) is still facing criticism for announcing on his SNS just two hours after his press conference at the Johnny’s office on October 2 that he would be leaving the group on November 30. The exquisite timing of the announcement was greeted with the following comment on SNS: “Okada left his friends behind,

Okada left his friends and ran away.

“Okada ran away without his friends,” and “He quit when the office was in trouble. …….”

Okada ran away without his friends,” and “How could he quit when his office is in trouble?

Some sports papers had reported Okada’s departure as a scoop before October 2, and when the question was raised on the day of the press conference, Vice President Yoshihiko Inohara said, “Let him make the announcement himself. It is easy to imagine that it was a race.

I think it was someone from the office who leaked the story to the sports papers, and the reporters in attendance were stunned, wondering, ‘Are they still controlling the media like that at this stage of the game? It is a common practice to give a scoop story to a sports paper and in return, they soften their questions or make them not ask any questions.

On the same day, Johnny’s released a comment.

The decision was made because of the late Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault issue. We feel a great deal of social responsibility not only to Okada, but also to his fans, business partners, and all other stakeholders.

Many people concerned wonder why Okada announced his resignation at this time, given that the reason for his departure was due to “Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault.

If he had wanted to quit early, he would have left at the time the BBC broadcast was decided or when rumors of the broadcast first appeared. I think the younger members and Hideaki Takizawa, who left one step ahead of the others, could have predicted this would happen. It seems that Mr. Okada did not expect such a big uproar.

He finally realized the gravity of the situation and thought that if he did not do something about it, the aftermath would affect him as well. This is because when the problem was revealed and the “Victims’ Association” was established, TV stations and many companies that had been working with Johnny’s began to distance themselves from him.

Okada-san has been getting offers to appear in dramas and movies. “Okada-san has been getting offers to star in dramas and movies. If he thinks he will lose all of these, he will not be able to relax. It would be impossible for him to go abroad. And that’s only because he is a Johnny’s talent. It is natural that he would think about quitting Johnny’s.

However, since the office was going out of business and they would no longer be Johnny’s Talent even if they stayed there, there was no need for them to quit at this time. He could have waited a little longer.

Okada is a great actor when it comes to playing sharp roles such as Kuroda Kanpei, Oda Nobunaga, Hijikata Toshizo, and other warriors who lived through turbulent times, SPs, and assassins, but in his “real” life, he seems to go at a surprisingly slow pace.

Although he now seems to have settled down, in his younger days he was one of the top two “playboys” in Johnny’s. He was involved in many scandals involving women, and was even the subject of an article in “FUJITA” (a Japanese magazine). He had many scandals with women, and “FRIDAY” reported Okada’s love affair twice in the past, but he seemed to be very upset at that time. ……

After the reports of his passionate love affair, Yuka was inundated with interviewers, but ……

Okada’s first scoop was in November ’99. At the time, Okada was appearing on the popular variety show “Gakko e Ikou! (TBS), Okada was a flying star with his appearances in popular variety shows such as “Gakko e Ikou! It was just before midnight when Okada’s car appeared in front of Yuka’s house. A few minutes later, Yuka came out of her house and got into Okada’s car, and the two moved into the back seat and enjoyed a four-hour encounter. Just before 4:00 a.m., Okada noticed this magazine reporter,

I took a picture of you, didn’t I? If I had been photographed, I would have been fired and had to return to Osaka. Then I’m going to kill him!

I’m going to kill him! I was surprised that he was worried about such a thing, but I managed to put the matter behind me and later on, when I asked Okada about it again, he replied, “I had never met him before, so it was my first time meeting him,

I managed to get a hold of him, and later I asked him again, “We met for the first time together because we knew each other. We talked about my friend’s work in the car and lost track of time, but we are not the kind of people you think we are.

He denied that they were dating. After this magazine’s report, Yuka was surrounded by a large number of reporters at the studio where she was working, causing a big commotion, but no reporters went to Okada.

Okada at the completion announcement preview of the movie “Going to the End” on April 26, ’23.

In August ’08, he reported a “sleepover date” with Yu Aoi (38). At the time, there were rumors of a relationship between the two, but no proof could be found anywhere, and this was their first two-shot. This was the first time they had been photographed together, and it was no wonder, since Okada was always on the lookout for people around him and was cautious enough to enter the supermarket at different times when shopping. It was a miracle that they were able to get a two-shot. Two years later, however, reports of their breakup appeared on …….

It is said that the reason was that Okada had a change of heart toward Aoi Miyazaki (37), with whom he co-starred in the ’08 movie “In the Shadow of the Sun. At the time, Miyazaki was married to Sosuke Takaoka (41).’ He married Miyazaki in 2005. Although she is still criticized for her “adulterous and predatory marriage,” it did not affect Okada’s work.

(Idol magazine writer) Okada was able to stay out of the wind only because he had the support of Johnny’s, but through these experiences, Okada has certainly grown as an actor. Although he has been criticized by janitors, he is very popular in the industry, and it is said that his popularity will not diminish even if he goes freelance.

She is very considerate to others and is popular with the staff,” says Okada. She is also very sincere and serious in her attitude toward her work. I don’t think he will cause a scandal now.

From Johnny’s most popular man to Johnny’s most popular actor. And now Okada has become one of the most talented actors. His crisis management skills have improved and he seems to have no blind spot.

Shadow of Okada (center) and Yuka (right) cuddling in the car (Dec. 3, ’99 issue)
Okada responds to a direct interview with this magazine about his love affair with Yuka (December 3, 1999 issue).
Okada with Yu Aoi (September 12, 2008 issue)
Okada and Yu Aoi (Sept. 12, ’08 issue)
Two shots with Okada and Yu Aoi (Sep. 12, ’08 issue)
Two shots with Okada and Yu Aoi (Sept. 12, ’08 issue)
Okada at the completion announcement preview of the movie “Going to the End” on April 26, ’23.

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