In-Depth Report] Various Speculations…Israel x Hamas ″Endless War″ invites ″Fear More Than Hell | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In-Depth Report] Various Speculations…Israel x Hamas ″Endless War″ invites ″Fear More Than Hell

Over 4,000 people have been killed in one week... Hezbollah and Iran are reacting to the declaration of annihilation in the worst situation ever.

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Refugee camps in Gaza, Palestinian territory, were also bombarded by Israel. A young girl stands stunned in a town reduced to a pile of rubble.

The Gaza Strip of the Palestinian Authority has not been left in its original form – in fact, a crater has formed as if a meteorite had hit the area.

“While I was sleeping with my family, I was attacked by the Israeli army, and my apartment was completely destroyed. My newborn daughter lost her life. My entire family was buried under the rubble, and my wife and sister were badly injured. Thousands of people are now evacuated from the area where we lived. The civilians and the elderly were killed without distinction by the missiles that flew one after another. The use of inhumane weapons, white phosphorus bombs, has also been noted. Even the arrival of ambulances to help the wounded has been blocked by airstrikes. …….” (Sameha Ahmed, a journalist based in Gaza)

If hell exists, that is exactly what Gaza is today.

On October 7, armed soldiers opened fire on Israeli civilians, shouting “Kill all Jews,” after Gaza-based Hamas fighters attacked the venue of a music festival in Israel. This opened the gates of hell.

The fighters entered Israel one after another by destroying the 10-meter-high fence erected on the border with Israel or by climbing over the wall with paragliders. In conjunction with the raid, a missile saturation attack was also carried out, and as of the 18th, more than 1,400 Israelis had lost their lives. Ian Bremmer, a German-American international political scientist, said.

Israel was founded after the Holocaust as a safe haven for Jews. It has experienced numerous wars with its neighbors and its ability to defend its borders is one of the best in the world. In recent years, there have been no major conflicts with other countries, and it was said to be ‘the best time of peace’. That is why this massacre and abduction came as a great shock to the Israeli people.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in ’48, the two sides have clashed numerous times. In 2012, the head of Hamas’ military wing was killed.

However, international journalist Toshihiro Yamada says, “The situation this time is different from previous clashes. The most important point is that Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, which boasts one of the world’s strongest intelligence capabilities, allowed the attack to take place so easily.

Mossad says it was unaware of the attack, but this is questionable,” says Toshihiro Yamada, an international journalist. In addition to hacking cell phones and other digital devices, Mossad members have bugged numerous locations in the Gaza Strip. This is because “in intelligence, there are supposed to be no holes.”

In fact, Egypt’s intelligence chief Kamel reportedly advised Israel 10 days before the attack that Hamas was planning an attack. Yamada continued.

Yamada continues, “It is possible that Israel dared to downplay the advice. It could be said that they themselves chose a situation in which they could aggressively counterattack.”

In fact, the aspect of Israel’s political use of Hamas is undeniable. Journalist Rei Shiba, who has been continuously covering the conflict in the Middle East, explains.

“More than 2 million Palestinians are crammed into Gaza, and the international community is very critical of keeping people confined to a small area of land for no reason. So Israel needs to pose the pose that ‘we can’t release the people because of the threat of Hamas, which rules Gaza.'”

The current war, which began with a preemptive strike by Hamas, has resulted in Israeli retaliation that has killed over 2,800 people in Gaza. The total death toll on both sides is over 4,200 (as of October 18).

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced his intention for a ground invasion, saying, “We are ready to act to eradicate the bloody monster. This is another phenomenon not seen in past clashes. Military journalist Buntaro Kuroi sounded the alarm.

Hamas attacks by hiding among the residents, so it is Israel’s thinking that it is inevitable that the ground invasion will cause some casualties among the residents of Gaza. They will push through with the logic that ‘we have issued evacuation orders to the residents and have taken measures to avoid civilian casualties.

Mr. Bremer also fears that the war will escalate.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Galant said after the attack that he would wipe Hamas off the face of the earth. But we should understand that if the war escalates, in the worst case scenario, it will end not only for Palestine but for Israel as well.”

The declaration of annihilation was responded to by Hezbollah, an armed group based in Lebanon. Clashes between the two groups have been reported in the northern part of the Israeli border. The most alarming aspect of the situation is the participation of Iran, which is engaged in a fierce confrontation with Israel over its nuclear development program. In fact, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, has praised the Hamas attack.

The greatest tragedy in the Middle East has no way out. We are about to be shown “more hell than hell.

Photos of what appear to be Hamas fighters detained by Israeli forces near the Gaza Strip on or about October 11. They are bound hand and foot, blindfolded, and numbered in large letters on their backs. The exchange of hostages between the two sides has a lot to do with the war.
Israeli soldiers walking through a town near the border with Gaza. The bodies of Hamas fighters, presumably swept away by the Israeli soldiers, lie at their feet.
On October 7, Hamas fighters entered Israel from the air and land with 2,500 rockets. They indiscriminately killed civilians in an unprecedented surprise attack.
On October 9, Israeli forces retaliated with an air strike on northern Gaza, killing more than 500 people, Gaza health officials said on October 17, in an air strike on a hospital.
A Gaza resident injured by an Israeli airstrike is taken to a hospital. Water and electricity supplies have also been cut off in Gaza, causing a medical crunch
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced the formation of a war cabinet on October 11. He declared that he would work toward the extermination of Hamas.

From the November 3, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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