The secret photos of Nanao in long jacket worn by bousouzoku biker gang members and beauty care… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The secret photos of Nanao in long jacket worn by bousouzoku biker gang members and beauty care…

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A scene from the filming of a drama in Yoyogi, Tokyo, shot in May 2005.

“Yes, cut!”

May, 2005. The loud voice of a staff member echoed on the streets of Yoyogi, Tokyo. When I looked in the direction of the voice, I saw a nine-headed woman wearing a colorful skirt that looked great on her. It was the actress Nanao (33).

On the same day, she was filming the much talked about drama “Boku, fate no hito desu” (NTV) starring Tomohisa Yamashita and Kazuya Kamenashi. Nanao plays the role of the best friend of the heroine played by Fumino Kimura. Koji Okura was also with us on location that day,” said a staff member.

Nanao, who made her debut as a model in 2009, has made a career as an actress, appearing in NHK’s historical drama “Onna no Shirou Naotora. We hope you can feel her captivating aura in these treasured photos.

Screaming in a suicide suit!

In the sweltering heat, Nanao takes a break in her suicide suit, holding a parasol.

It was a September morning in 2008, and the sun was shining like it was the middle of summer. A large number of female extras were gathered near a commercial facility in Odaiba, Tokyo. At the center of the crowd was a tall, beautiful woman in a purple suicide suit, shouting something. It was Nanao, who was filming a movie.

The thick suicide suit under the blazing sun must have been very hard on her. Whenever the camera cuts to a scene, Nanao puts up her own parasol, but her expression is grim. Still, she tried her best to shout her lines. She was so powerful that a couple passing by was so surprised that they did a double-take.

I admire the actress’s spirit!

Efforts for beauty without being noticed

During the treatment, she was operating her smartphone with her right hand, which was taken in January 2005.

January 2005. In January 2005, Nanao appeared in a building in Omotesando, Tokyo, wearing a large black hat and mask. The popular actress entered a dental clinic called “D”.

It’s a clinic for celebrities that also provides cosmetic care. Many female celebrities, such as Yuri Morishita, go to this clinic. A set of high-concentration placenta injections and intravenous drip to remove facial wrinkles costs about 2,000 yen per session, and hyaluronic acid injections to maintain skin elasticity costs about 10,000 yen,” said a patient at the clinic.

In the clinic, Nanao rolls up the sleeve of her left arm in a familiar manner, and a young male doctor gives her an injection. An IV drip was then started, and after the needle was removed in about 10 minutes, he carefully rubbed her arms.

The effort she puts into her style maintenance and beauty ……. It’s not easy being a top actress.

I’m not sure what to make of it. You can feel her overwhelming presence even from her treasured photos.

With JOY (on the right), with whom she was rumored to be dating at the time, taken in July 2001.
With Takanori Nishikawa of T.M.R., whom she was in a relationship with at the time, in Hiroo, Tokyo.
She had a very good figure, photographed in October 2006.
At the launch of the historical drama “Naotora, Lord of the Castle” in January 2005.
At the “Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Awards” in January 2006.
In October 2005, at the launch of the historical drama “Naotora, Lord of the Castle”.
  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Yumi Enohara, Takero Yatsuka, Yasuko Sakaguchi, Tetuko Takemoto, Toshikatsu Tanaka, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Ippei Hara Saki Hotta

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