Johnny’s is truly afraid of the possibility of the birth of a “third force” in the “parties’ association,” which has been completely split over the “it’s all about the money” comment. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s is truly afraid of the possibility of the birth of a “third force” in the “parties’ association,” which has been completely split over the “it’s all about the money” comment.

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Can the “Association of Parties to the Sexual Assault Issue of Johnny’s” continue to negotiate with “SMILE-UP.

The profits that the agent company earns from the existing business as well as the profits from the new business are still based on the legacy of Mr. Kitagawa, and the profits based on said legacy should be used to compensate and provide relief to the victims.

On the 16th, the last day of the Johnny’s office, the “Association of Parties Concerned with Johnny’s Sexual Abuse” published a written request on its website, making the above claims against the former Johnny’s office.

The association has long been criticized for establishing a fund and demanding that 3% of the proceeds be given to them each year, which has been criticized as a money grab. The fact that Representative Junya Hiramoto and Vice Representative Shimon Ishimaru attended a memorial service for Janie Kitagawa and that contradictory past statements have been dug up has raised suspicions. For that reason, they are not at all understanding of this request.

Cowan Okamoto and Yasushi Hashida, who were the first to accuse Janie Kitagawa of sexual assault, are also out of step with the association.

Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Hashida have a strong desire to prioritize their artistic activities. They insist that they want to see Johnny’s revitalized and the entertainment world as a whole reassured. The party’s association, on the other hand, has become the opposite of them, with Mr. Ishimaru declaring, ‘It’s all about the money.

Furthermore, a number of people have left the association since the beginning of this month. What triggered this was a meeting between the association and the former Johnny’s office held on March 3.

It was reported that at that meeting, Mr. Hiramoto and Mr. Ishimaru made a request to President Noriyuki Higashiyama and Keiko Fujishima Julie to “let them join SMILE-UP.” Several members, including former “Ninja” Yasunobu Shiga, rebelled and left the group with Yukihiro Oshima, citing differences in direction.

Furthermore, there is this story.

Kyohei Iida, a former member of “Kis-My-Fit2” who had just joined in September, also left the group at an early date. As a result, I heard that a “third group” may be formed by the members who left the group.

Mr. Shiga and Mr. Oshima were sexually victimized by Mr. Janney in Hawaii, and the association was preparing for an overseas lawsuit. It is quite possible that the three of them will join forces and file an overseas lawsuit.

On the other hand, the parties’ association is being questioned as to its raison d’etre. The group has received so many slanderous comments that it has removed the members’ photos and names from its website, fearing for its own safety. They have also decided not to hold press conferences in the future. A source in the association said, “Originally, Representative Hiramoto was not interested in compensation,

Representative Hiramoto is a moderate who values compensation, while Mr. Shiga is one of the angriest of the members and has taken a hard-line stance from the beginning, saying, ‘Let’s completely destroy Johnny’s.’ They have decided to go their separate ways. It was probably only a matter of time before they went their separate ways.

He said. With the parties’ association in limbo, the birth of a third party and an overseas lawsuit could be a threat to SMILE-UP.

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