Girl Talk at the Rotary in Front of the Station! New “Litoguri” Celebrates 10 Years since Its Debut with “Ebisu Stroll”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Girl Talk at the Rotary in Front of the Station! New “Litoguri” Celebrates 10 Years since Its Debut with “Ebisu Stroll”!

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Members of “Litoguri” walking the streets of Ebisu. Conversation never stopped, and they laughed the whole time.


Ebisu (Shibuya Ward), Tokyo, in early October. A corner of the area was filled with the sound of bubbling laughter. Walking along in good humor were the members of “Little Glee Monster,” a female vocal group that just relaunched last November.

The six walked to the rotary in front of the station and stopped in front of a cafe. Asahi (24), who was probably planning her next job, parted ways and headed off in the direction of the station by herself. The remaining members chatted for a while, but only two of them, Karen (25) and Mayu (24), entered the cafe, and the remaining three walked toward the station. Although I only saw them for a short time, it had been almost a year since the new members joined the group, and they seemed to have gotten used to each other.

Serina and manaka announced their departure from the group last July. Following that, over 7,000 applications were received for the audition held in November. Fresh members joined the group: Mika and Yumi were selected, Yumi was only 19 years old, and Miyou was 20 years old.

The announcement of the results was broadcast live on the information program “THE TIME,” (TBS) and became a big topic of conversation. This year marks 10 years since the start of the group’s activities, and the members themselves are highly motivated to perform under the slogan “Litoguri Chapter 2.

It is not only the atmosphere within the group that is smooth sailing. The girls are showing even more remarkable performance under the new organization.

The girls’ 19-stop nationwide tour that started in April this year has been a great success, and they have already decided to perform an additional show in Yokohama in January next year. In October, their new song “UP TO ME!” was chosen as the opening theme for the anime “The Four Deadly Sins: The Four Knights of the Apocalypse” (TBS). The original comics of this extremely popular work have sold over 55 million copies, and it has attracted a great deal of attention.

At first, there seemed to be some distance between the three old members and the newcomers, but now I hear that they seem to have completely opened up, eating sweets and playing pranks with each other in the dressing room. I believe that such a sense of distance has had a positive effect on their performances.

The second chapter has begun for the six members. The second chapter has begun for the six members, and their new departure is going well.

The three original members, including Karen, walk in front. Behind them, the three newcomers are tightly packed together.
Newly born” Litoguri “Ebisu Stroll” celebrating 10 years since their debut!
The “newborn” Litoguri “Ebisu Stroll,” celebrating 10 years since their debut, was discovered!
[Image] “Newborn” Litogli “Ebisu Stroll” Celebrating 10 Years since Debut!
  • PHOTO Ichiro Takatsuka

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