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This season is a bumper crop! Autumn dramas that you must watch based on the leading actors

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Read it and the drama will be more interesting!

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a woman’s face on a TV show. She is in a celebratory mood after announcing her pregnancy, but “the people in charge of programming are busy dealing with the situation. ……” (source)

The F1 and F2 demographic (women between the ages of 20 and 49) has been the main target of television for decades. The F1 and F2 demographics (women between the ages of 20 and 49) have been the main target of TV for decades, but they have been narrowed down since the beginning of 2024,” says a commercial broadcast executive.

He said, “They are trying to catch F1 (women between the ages of 20 and 34). The keywords are ‘youth,’ ‘fashion,’ and ‘distribution. The key words are ‘youth,’ ‘trend,’ and ‘distribution.’ Nippon TV and TBS have been focusing on these keywords for several years, and Fuji has finally taken the helm. On the other hand, TV Asahi continues to produce ironclad dramas such as “Doctor X” because “the viewers are there. Teretto is just trying to leave a mark.

Fuji’s challenge is paying off in Avalanche, starring Go Ayano (39).

Fuji’s challenge is paying off with “Avalanche,” starring Go Ayano (39), which was produced by its affiliate, Kantele, and was moved from the 9:00 p.m. slot on Tuesdays to 10:00 p.m. on Mondays after “Fuji Tsukai 9. The initial ratings exceeded 10%. Considering the fact that the average rating of the previous slot was around 5-9%, we can say that it was a good success. In the next season, a medical drama “Doctor White” starring Minami Hamabe (21) will be released, followed by a romantic drama starring Alice Hirose (26).

SUPER RICH (Fuji TV), starring Noriko Eguchi (41) as the leading role, is also attracting a lot of attention in the industry.

I also have to take my hat off to them for reuniting Eiji Akatsukuri (27) and Keita Machida (31), the “Cherimaho” duo who exploded in popularity with women in “I heard you can become a magician if you are a virgin until you are 30” (TV Tokyo).

(Broadcast writer) The reason for the poor numbers seems to be due to the original script : “Eguchi, who is supposed to be a very wealthy lady, is struggling to raise money, and she is popular with Akatsukuri and Machida without any particular explanation, and I just can’t get emotionally involved” (drama watcher Kazumi Yoshii).

Kentaro Sakaguchi (30) is breaking new ground in “I’ve Only Got a Seal on My Marriage Certificate” (TBS).

I remember Gen Hoshino (40) from “Run away is shameful but useful” as a handsome, nervous guy who gets married under false pretenses. Sakaguchi’s naiveté makes him a suitable successor. The only thing I’m worried about is the health of Nana Seino (27), who is expecting a baby.” (Drama watcher Masahiro Kitagawa)

The “Spiral Labyrinth: DNA Forensics” was scheduled to air in April last year, but Tereto brought it back this fall.

It was unexpected that Kei Tanaka (37) lost his reputation because of his involvement in Covid-19, but the cast of Ken Yasuda (47) and Kana Kurashina (33), who are strong in crime stories, can be watched with confidence.

Teleto has also introduced a drama called “Janaikata no Kanojo” (The Girl Who Isn’t), planned and written by Yasushi Akimoto, which uses a popular word.

I’m sure you’ll be able to guess who the killer is. In “True Criminal Flag” (Nippon TV), where even the actors are not told who the culprit is, the plan and original idea is also by Yasushi Akimoto, but this one uses Hidetoshi Nishijima (50). The fact that he has cast actors with strong acting skills and a high level of sensitivity is also very clever,” says writer Kumao Oyama.

Incidentally, Mr. Akimoto is also involved in the TBS late-night drama series “This First Love is a Fiction. The TV industry, including the big names, is in the midst of a challenge.

Some say “Eguchi’s wasted money” on “SUPER RICH. Was she miscast as the popular young lady?

In March of last year, Tanaka flies repeatedly on location for “Spiral Maze” at a university in Tokyo, while Yasuda coolly watches.

From “FRIDAY” November 26, 2021 issue

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