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Kenji Furuya of Dragon Ash Affair Scandal: A Shocking Divorce Unveiled

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Kenji Furuya with his wife, MEGUMI, at a luxury car dealership in 2020, with his tattoos all over

Kenji Furuya, aka “Kj,” the singer of “Dragon Ash,” was reportedly having an affair with his wife, MEGUMI. He and his wife, the TV personality MEGUMI, have started living separately on the premise of divorce.


In the October 15 issue of Bunshun Online, a follow-up report on the affair was published. The article reported that Furuya and his adulterous partner were already living together at the home MEGUMI had flown out to.

In response to Bunshun’s direct interview, Furuya said, “We are not together in the first place.”

We are together.

But when the reporter pressed him about it, he replied, “We’re not together in the first place. However, when pressed by the reporter, he said of their affair,

“I am well aware of that,” he finally admitted. 

The social networking sites were amazed at how he was so lame that he fell completely for the Bunshun reporter, even though he had maintained that they were not in a relationship,

I really feel like I’m missing out on something.

Even if she and MEGUMI are divorcing and don’t live in the same house, it’s still too much.

I have the image that Furuya-san was getting it on a long time ago. Now that he’s on the wane, does anyone take him seriously if he doesn’t get his fans?

And so on. Well, it seems that the legend of Furuya’s bad-assery was well known in the entertainment world.

He was reportedly having an affair soon after he got married, and it was his daily routine at the time to make the rounds of his home to see if he was being staked out. And at that time, he always walked around with a metal bat. Well, maybe he wanted to intimidate them.

He also wore tank tops and other revealing clothes, and walked around with his tattoos showing, even when he went shopping with MEGUMI, so even the neighbors looked at him with a blank stare.


Speaking of Furuya, his father is Ikko Furuya, a famous actor. He grew up a young boy who went to a famous private school from elementary school, so he was not very good at getting into trouble.

He says, “Because of my hip-hop background, I would often run into trouble at clubs. When that happened, Kj would hide behind the other members of the group and get out of trouble.”

“He is small in stature, so even though he usually makes himself look big, when the time comes, he is the first to run away. He was a bit of a floating figure in the hip-hop community. So his tackiness after the affair is very Kj-like.”

MEGUM is now becoming a beauty charisma with her beauty book published in April selling over 350,000 copies and becoming a bestseller. On the other hand, her adulterous husband seems to have a dissed divorce waiting for him.


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