Is the big uproar at “old home” Johnny’s an opportunity or a pinch? A pinch? Possibility of “New Map” being “sparked off”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is the big uproar at “old home” Johnny’s an opportunity or a pinch? A pinch? Possibility of “New Map” being “sparked off”?

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How can you be unaffected by the Johnny’s issue–?
I had a “blissful time” at the place I headed to in between filming the morning drama. ……

Kusanagi leaves the music store looking satisfied. After being seen off by four store employees, he got into a nearby pickup truck and disappeared into the night.

Kanda (Chiyoda-ku), Tokyo, in autumn, when the weather has turned completely cool. Strolling the streets of Kanda (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) in a T-shirt and jeans, looking casual and unaffected by the chilly weather, was Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (49).

He took time out of his busy schedule to visit a popular music store that stocks vintage guitars and other musical instruments. Kusanagi stayed for about an hour, immersed himself in his hobby, and left the store looking satisfied.

New Map,” to which Kusanagi belongs, is now at a major turning point.

Shingo Katori (46) will appear on the first broadcast of “Matsumo to Nakai” (Fuji TV) and perform a song for the first time in seven years on commercial TV, and Goro Inagaki (49) has a movie starring him coming out in November.

Kusanagi also starred in his first commercial drama in six years with the drama “Trap’s War” (Fuji TV) in the January season this year, and will appear in the morning TV series “Boogie Woogie” (NHK) from October.

The reason behind the three’s increased media exposure is said to be the headwind against Johnny’s. “There has been a lot of talk about a ‘new map,'” said one of the members of the group, “and the fact that it is not a new map.

In 2007, the Fair Trade Commission issued a strict warning to Johnny’s, stating that “any pressure to prevent them from appearing on the show may violate the Anti-Monopoly Law.

As the work gradually increased, furthermore, in October of this year, Nippon TV and TBS announced the results of an internal investigation. In October of this year, NTV and TBS announced the results of their internal investigations, admitting that they had made a “discovery” to the Johnny’s office regarding the casting and pledged to prevent a recurrence of such an incident. Due to the combination of these factors, the use of the three actors is likely to increase in the future.

Due to filming schedules, there were no major departures of Johnny’s talents in this fall’s reorganization of programs. However, all stations are beginning to make programs that do not depend on the Johnny’s office, and it is highly likely that the Johnny’s slot will be completely vacant during next spring’s reorganization.

In fact, “New Map” is expected to make a full-fledged return to terrestrial broadcasting at that time. The most likely to see an increase in appearances is the Fuji Television network, with which it has a good relationship.

Fuji Television has continued to use the three actors even after the breakup of SMAP. Fuji Television has had a good relationship with Kantele, the production company that produced “War of the Traps,” and a sequel starring Kusanagi is already being planned for the Tuesday night 10:00 p.m. slot, with plans to air as early as next spring.

The Monday night 10:00 slot where “SMAP x SMAP” was broadcast for a long time is also a Kantele slot, so the three may be used next spring,” said a mid-level employee at a key station.

Other TV stations that have used Kusanagi include NHK, which has continued to use him for “Bratamori,” and TV Asahi, which has used Katori for “SmaSTATION! (a mid-level employee at a key station).

The current situation seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for “New Map. However, it is not without its concerns. The scandal at their old office has the potential to spark a firestorm at New Chizu.

The head of the office, Mr. Mitsutomo Iijima, was originally the head of the field at Johnny’s. He should be well versed in the company’s internal affairs. He must be well versed in the internal affairs of the company, and it would be unnatural for him not to know about Mr. Janney’s sexual assault. That is, of course, also true for the three who were the office’s signatories.

That is why Mr. Iijima is refraining from doing business openly now. He is probably working behind the scenes to produce results in one fell swoop next spring, when the dust will have settled.

Will the uproar at the old house be a chance or a pinch? Will the future written in next year’s “New Map” be a chance or a pinch?

Unpublished cuts from “Tsuyoshi Kusanagi: A Chance or a Chance? Pinch? Ex-SMAP’s Way of Life
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi: Chance or Crisis? Pinch? Ex-SMAP’s Way of Life
Unpublished cuts from this magazine A pinch? Ex-SMAP’s Way of Life

From the October 27, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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