Dragon Ash’s Kenshi Furuya under fire for his “lame excuse” for his reported infidelity. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dragon Ash’s Kenshi Furuya under fire for his “lame excuse” for his reported infidelity.

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Kenshi Furuya, a.k.a. “Kj,” who usually wears tattoos in his fashion

Kenshi Furuya of “Dragon Ash”, the husband of celebrity MEGUMI, is preparing for divorce after being reported for adultery.

Furuya seems to have readily admitted that Ms. A stayed at his home,

I was never in a relationship with her in the first place,” he said.

He answered, “We are together based on a promise that we would properly go out after we broke up (with MEGUMI).

I’m not in a relationship with her, but we’re going to get married in the future.

He said, “I’m not in a relationship with her, but I’m staying with someone I promised to marry in the future. I guess you could call it a “platonic relationship. However, when it was pointed out that this was adultery, she said she was “well aware of it.

I don’t know if he is trying to avoid any disadvantage in the event of a claim for alimony, etc., but I can’t help but feel uncomfortable.

(A wide-show insider) Furuya’s response has been met with disappointment on SNS and other social networking sites.

“Is he reopening? I don’t like the way he is trying to mend his sincerity.

“He’s bringing her into the house that his family left, and he’s asking her to wait for divorce…too white.

Many celebrities, although they understand that the public may not agree with their comments, often leave comments as if they are blowing smoke up their own asses.

Former “SPEED” member Eriko Imai, a member of the House of Councillors, and former Kobe City Councilor Ken Hashimoto, who had a wife and child at the time, were both reported to have had an affair in 2005.

“I didn’t cross the line.

Both denied having been unfaithful to each other, saying they had not crossed the line. However, Hashimoto remains close to Imai and serves as a policy advisor even after their divorce.

Another politician, former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) member Shiori Kanno (nee Yamao), was alleged to have had a double affair with lawyer Rintaro Kuramochi when the Weekly Bunshun reported that they were “sleeping over at a hotel together.

“I stayed at the hotel alone.

There was no sexual relationship, but rather meetings and work on policy planning,” he denied it.

However, he took responsibility and left the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). After that, like Imai, he made headlines by appointing Kuramochi as his policy advisor.

In 1993, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, the same musician as Furuya, was reported to have had an affair with Sayuri Kunio, a former member of Onyanko Club, who was at the height of her popularity at the time and had almost no scandal. At that time, Nagabuchi told reporters,

I’m not in a place where common sense is accepted.

In today’s world of social networking sites, he might have caused a huge firestorm.

I wonder if Furuya’s theory that they are not in a relationship, but just together, will be accepted by fans. ……

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