Unusually selected as the theme song for a drama starring Kanna Hashimoto! A direct interview with the hot 4-piece rock band “LEEVELLES | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Unusually selected as the theme song for a drama starring Kanna Hashimoto! A direct interview with the hot 4-piece rock band “LEEVELLES

Kanna Hashimoto stars in the police entertainment drama "Tokumei! Metropolitan Police Department Special Accountant" starring Kanna Hashimoto. The opening song for this drama is sung by the four-member rock band LEEVELLES. We interviewed the four members, all of whom are talented musicians with powerful voices and performances.

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LEEVELLES. The blond male member in the center is Kosuke Ogawa (Vo.), and the four members clockwise are Jun Kawazaki (Gt.), Kohei Takagi (Dr.), and Masaaki Miyaji (Ba.).

The police entertainment drama “Tokumei,” starring Kanna Hashimoto, began airing on March 16! Metropolitan Police Department Special Accountant” starring Kanna Hashimoto. The opening song of this drama, “Jigoku no Sho Mochi mo Ai Dake” is sung by the four-member rock band LEEVELLES.

This year, their song has been used in the commercial songs for “Jutaku Johokan “Hatsumode 2023 “” and “Yofuku no Aoyama Ladies Fishers “Kanna Hashimoto Suit Change””, and they just made their major debut with the digital single “Yoru wo Kakeru” on August 30.

Their songs are influenced by various genres of Japanese and Western music, including rock, pop, and electro, and they are a talented group with strong voices and performances. They have a strong singing voice and performance, and their fan base continues to grow through their participation in festivals and other events.

Kosuke Ogawa (vocals and guitar): “The band name ‘ LEEVELLES ‘ was coined to mean ‘those who wish to explore . We named the band after our desire to create a new scene and a new era with our music. The band is unique in that all four of us can write lyrics, edit videos, and even draw visuals for the jackets.

All four members are talented creators. Most of them are self-taught. We will try to get to know their personal aspects, such as their favorite things and daily routines, as they have the potential to make the music scene in the future.

Ogawa: “I like eating. I like to eat a lot of delicious food, and I like to soak in the bathtub for about two hours (laughs). (laughs) I even take my cell phone and watch movies in the bathtub.

Jun Kawasaki (guitar) “What movies have you watched in the bath recently?”

Ogawa: “I just saw ‘Monsters, Inc. (laughs) I really like Disney. Also, I have recently started reading aloud. I have a lot of opportunities to do radio work, and I wanted to expand my vocabulary. I am learning how to put accents on words and how to cut sentences.

Kohei Takagi (drums): “I like taking walks. I also like animals such as dogs and guinea pigs. I got hooked on guinea pigs after watching the anime ” PUI PUI MOLKAR” ( ……).

Masaaki Miyaji (bass) “That’s where you start (laughs).

Takagi: “Yes, yes. Takagi “Yes, that’s right. The guinea pig’s voice is recorded and used for the guinea pig’s squeak. That squeak is cute, too, and I’m really into it. I’ve been talking about guinea pigs on …… for a long time (laughs). I also like to read books, and I try to read at least one book a week. My favorite author is Kotaro Isaka. Lately I’ve been reading more tanka poems and philosophy books.

KAWASAKI: “I like sports. I used to play baseball and soccer myself, but now I like to watch baseball and soccer games, and when I have time I watch highlights on YouTube. I was born in Fukuoka, so I am a Softbank Hawks fan! My daily routine is muscle training.”

The interview proceeded in a calm atmosphere.

Takagi: “Where in particular do you train now?”

Kawazaki: “I start with push-ups. I also do planks while watching YouTube.

Ogawa “I get messages on the band’s group line saying, ‘Muscle training is really hard’ (laughs).

Miyaji: “They do! Around 11 p.m., out of the blue (laughs).

Kawazaki: “I’m just trying to show that I’m doing it properly (laughs).

Miyaji “I like films that are meticulously made and can be examined. I often watch films directed by Christopher Nolan. Whether it is a novel or a video game, I have always been attracted to films that I can enjoy while thinking about them. I like to explore how the filmmaker must have felt when he or she made the film.

Each and every one of us should be the star of the band.

The second digital single “Jigoku no Shoto mo Ai ni Yidai” (Hell Depends on Love), which was just released on the 17th, was inspired by the proverb “Jigoku no Shoto mo Kimi ni Yidai (“Hell Depends on Money”).

Ogawa: “In today’s society, I think there are many moments when we feel a little bit hard to live. I wrote the song thinking that if everyone could be a little more kind and compassionate in such situations, the world would be a better place to live in. I believe that love is fundamentally the same, no matter how many different generations there are. I think it is something that has been spun without changing its form, so I changed it to “depends on love instead of depends on money.

Kawazaki: “In our previous songs, the guitar sound was quite light, but in this album, the guitar sound is a little more upfront.

Ogawa: “Yes, the guitar solo is really cool. I think you will be able to get the impression that the scenery of the song changes.

The band name contains four “E “s, the first letter of the word “entertainer,” to represent the desire to create innovative entertainment with all the members.

Kawasaki: “I put a lot of emotion into the solo to make it feel as if the story is moving within the solo. I think the guitar solo has a real meaning.

Ogawa: “We are a band of four, so I think each one of us should play a leading role. I would like to continue to emphasize this aspect of the band, starting with this song.

Taking the word “hell” from the title, I asked them about a “hellish moment” they had recently experienced.

Kawazaki: “At a party thrown by a friend to celebrate my major label debut, I had a lot of fun and drank too much. I got on the first train the next day, but I fell asleep on the train and had to go back and forth from the first train to the last train . It was totally my fault.”

Takagi: “No one woke you up, huh? I am also in the train business, and when I got off the train I was on, the person in front of me collapsed. There were many other people getting off the train, so I tried to wake them up by asking, “Are you okay? I tried to help him up, but he got angry and said, “Don’t touch me! I was simply sad. That was simply sad. ……

Miyaji: “I was standing next to him at the time, and I thought, ‘Wow, he’s really mad at me! (Laughs.) I was just reaching out my hand to help him, but he got angry and I felt sorry for him.

Takagi: “There are times when love does not prevail in the midst of hell.

Miyaji: “When I made my major label debut, I contacted all the people who had helped me, but I sent one person the wrong name. It was a mistake I shouldn’t have made, so I really couldn’t stop sweating.

Ogawa: “The hell I experienced was a little before …… when I was hit by an oyster. I got a fever and they suspected corona, so I had to take a PCR test, and they sent me home once. My symptoms got worse, so I went to the hospital again, where they finally decided to give me an IV. I felt a little better and tried to take a cab home, but they were all out of service and I had to take a bus. Then I was sent to the bus stop nearest my house. ……

Kawasaki: “What, you didn’t press the button?”

Ogawa “In the first place, that bus stop wasn’t displayed. I got off at the next stop, and when I told the driver, he said, ‘I’m so sorry! I told the driver and he said, ‘I’m so sorry! I told the driver and he said, ‘I’m so sorry!’ I guess I simply skipped the stop (laughs).

Takagi: “That’s double or triple hell and too pitiful.

For those who are trying to make it.” A song of support

LEEVELLES is expected to make even greater strides with this new album, and they are eager to continue running after their ideals in the midst of a changing environment after their major label debut.

Ogawa: “Our major debut song “Yoru wo kakeru” was a song we wrote for ourselves, in addition to the theme of breaking down the scene. In a world where you don’t know which direction is the right one to go, there is no one who can tell you the right path. I believe that most of you have a vague desire to be someone.

The four of us wrote this song together with the message that we are all running to meet the scenery we want to see, to recognize ourselves for our efforts, and to keep running in the future…… with these thoughts in mind. We will continue to deliver our unique music, so please support us!”

Formed on August 1, 2019. One of the band’s strengths is that all recording processes can be completed by the members.

Click here to watch the music video for LEEVELLES’ latest single “Hell depends on love”!

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