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Suzu Hirose’s “Bold T-Shirt and One-Piece Outfit” Delights Fans…!

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Suzu Hirose at an event for a cosmetics company (AFLO)

Actress Suzu Hirose’s “too cute T-shirt dress” is the talk of the town. The official Twitter account of “Leisure Treasure,” a photo book commemorating the 10th anniversary of Hirose’s debut, released this picture. It’s a great photo,” she said. “It’s so cute,” she said.

Her photo book “Leisure Treasure” will be released on February 18, 2022. It’s said that photographer and video director Yoshiyuki Okuyama took three years to shoot the book.

In the photo released by the official account, Hirose is wearing a gray T-shirt dress and smiling at the colorful vegetables laid out on a food cart. Her bright red shoes are also very striking, and her hair is pulled up in a cute bun. The photo was taken in a place with a kind of Asian atmosphere, but what is this place ……?

The official account explains the photo as follows

The official account explains the photos as follows: “Special release of rough off-shots from the first location [Vietnam] of the #LedgerTreasure airplane that toured various locations.”

Apparently, Hirose filmed in Vietnam. In addition to this photo, the account also shows other photos of Hirose in Asian cities. All of the photos are full of Hirose’s charm.

The other day, she announced the release of her own calendar for 2022, which became a hot topic. The photos were taken by actor Eita Nagayama. She also appeared in the documentary program “Jounetsu Tairiku” (MBS) for two consecutive weeks. All kinds of people want to photograph Hirose.

Hirose is on a roll right now. It’s been another busy year for her. And in 2022, she has already been cast in the movie “Nagewa no Tsuki”. The movie is directed and written by Sang-il Lee and co-stars Tori Matsuzaka and Ryusei Yokohama.

I wonder what kind of Hirose we can expect to see next year. I can’t take my eyes off Hirose more and more. ……!

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