Fans rejoice at Nanao’s “daring black swimsuit in Yakushima”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Nanao’s “daring black swimsuit in Yakushima”!

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Nanao at a jewelry-related event (AFLO)

Actress and model Nanao has been making a big splash with her Instagram account, where she has been posting pictures of herself in a black bikini that is “too bold and plump. In recent days, Nanao has been posting a series of swimsuit photos at the beach and pool on her account, and this post is believed to be one of them.

In the photo, Nanao is at the beach, wearing a black separate swimsuit. She is running towards the ocean with her arms outstretched. Her swimsuit is biting boldly. And the sand covering her buttocks and thighs is also very impressive.

In the photo, the emerald sea is very beautiful. In the photo, the emerald sea is very beautiful, and the slender legs and body lines of Nanao look great. It’s no exaggeration to say that she is a work of art!

By the way, the bikini photos that Nanao posted recently were taken in “Yakushima,” as the location on her Instagram. It seems that she visited “sankara hotel&spa Yakushima”. According to the hotel’s official website, it is “an auberge-type resort hotel with a management philosophy of true hospitality service and contribution to the World Heritage Site of Yakushima. The hotel is said to be located in the southeast of Yakushima, on a high plateau with deep greenery overlooking the ocean with the mountains in the background. It’s a gorgeous luxury hotel, perfect for Nanao.

In the movie “Hell’s Garden,” which was released in June, she played the difficult role of a yankee office worker. In June, she played the difficult role of a yankee office worker in the movie “Hell Garden”, and in July, she played the role of Kuramae Natsume, a highly skilled nurse who is well versed in emergency medical care, in the drama series “Tokyo Mer – Run Emergency Room” (TBS) that started airing on Sunday. The drama has been getting high ratings, and the average household rating for the last episode was an astounding 19.5% (Kanto area, according to Video Research), and the movie “Doryu no Uta Final” was released in November.

In November, the movie “Dooryu Uta Final” was released. Recently, the film has been attracting attention from overseas. In the spring of this year, she was selected as one of 14 women around the world who are “elegant and independent in various fields” in the “Crossroads Project” launched by Giorgio Armani.

This year, Nanao has shown her presence more than ever. Will she make an even bigger leap next year? I can’t take my eyes off Nanao more and more. ……!

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