Johnny’s Office “False Story” Claims Can No Longer Be Fact-checked and Will Lead to Self-inflicted Consequences. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s Office “False Story” Claims Can No Longer Be Fact-checked and Will Lead to Self-inflicted Consequences.

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President Higashiyama and former president Julie at the press conference; the company will change to a new name and make a fresh start on the 17th

The number of victims of sexual assault by Johnny’s s founder, Mr. Kitagawa, continues to grow. President Noriyuki Higashiyama addressed the victims at a press conference on September 7,

President Noriyuki Higashiyama told the victims at a press conference on September 7, “I believe that relief and compensation beyond the law are necessary.”

At a press conference held on October 2, he stated, “I believe that we need to go beyond the law and provide relief and compensation to the victims,

At a press conference on October 2, he reported, “The compensation desk of the Victims’ Relief Committee established on September 13 received reports from 325 people (as of September 30) seeking compensation, of whom 150 were confirmed to be enrolled.

The report stated, “We have confirmed the enrollment of 150 of them. Then, in a further shock, NHK’s “News 7” news program on October 9 reported that sexual assault by Janney Kitagawa was suspected to have taken place in the station’s restrooms as well.

In response, Johnny’s posted an information on its official website on the same day.

We have received information that there are several cases where people who are most likely not victims are using the testimonies of real victims to tell false stories, and we are very concerned that the funds we are planning to use to help the victims may go to people who are not.


In order to prevent such a situation from arising, we would like to ask the media to report the claims of those who are making the accusations after thoroughly examining them.

He made the unusual request, saying, “I would like to ask the news media to fully verify the allegations of those who are making the accusations.”

We wonder on what basis you are judging these stories to be false. They must be feeling a sense of crisis because of the explosive increase in the number of filers, but this was predictable when they declared ‘relief and compensation beyond the law. At the press conference, they announced that they have confirmed the enrollment of about 150 people, but the victims are not only those who are enrolled at Johnny’s. I think it is difficult to confirm the fact. (A person involved in a wide-ranging TV show)

Mr. Janney also approached male talents from other agencies and invited them to his training camp,

When I was in junior high school, I went to NHK to appear on a TV program and saw Mr. Janney several times with Jr. in tow. I saw him several times when I was in junior high school and went to NHK to appear on a TV program. He said, ‘Come visit us at our training camp next time.

“After that, a Jr. who was a good friend of mine said to me, ‘Mr. Janney said you should come visit us. I knew the rumors (of sexual assault) from that time, and thinking about it now, I am glad I did not go.”

I told them. It is surprising that they were also targeting talent from other companies, but it seems that the sexual assault within Johnny’s was so vicious that it did not matter when or where it occurred.

One girl told us, “I was contacted by Mr. Janney himself and on the first day I was invited to attend a lesson, I was victimized in the restroom at the venue. It was a kind of product evaluation in the name of an audition.

How can you check the enrollment of someone who was sexually victimized on the first day and quit without being enrolled? There are many such people. If the number of false declarants who cannot be identified is added to the above, the number will be astronomical.

Of course, people who take advantage of the uproar and make false damage reports should not be allowed to do so. On the other hand, the Johnny’s’s office, which has failed to disclose clear compensation rules, is partly to blame. This confusion may be a situation brought about by the “relief beyond the law” statement.

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