Background of the NG list…” Johnny’s’s office could not tolerate “that comment” at the “first press conference”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Background of the NG list…” Johnny’s’s office could not tolerate “that comment” at the “first press conference”.

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At the first press conference, in which Julie Fujishima (right) also took the stage, new president Noriyuki Higashiyama (middle) and Yoshihiko Inohara were asked tough questions. ……

The Johnny’s office is having trouble putting out the fire.

The late Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assaults have finally prompted the company to change its name to SMILE-UP and declare its future business closure.

The company also declared that it would compensate the victims of sexual assault “beyond the law” and considered ways to reduce the influence of the founding family member, Keiko Fujishima Julie. Yet, the media and the public are not convinced.

One of the reasons for this may be the presence of a “nomination NG list” at the second press conference held on October 2.

It was clearly unnatural that they did not raise the hands of Ms. Kinoshiko Mochizuki and Mr. Satohiko Ogata of “Arc Times” and Mr. Aito Suzuki, a journalist who has been pursuing the issue of the former Unification Church, who were stationed in the front row. According to the explanation of Johnny’s’s office, FTI Consulting, which was in charge of organizing the press conference, prepared the “NG list” and brought it in on the day of the conference.

In the first place, why was the “NG list” created by FTI? In a statement released on September 10, Johnny’s answered as follows

After the press conference on September 7, FTI received feedback from several media organizations (major TV stations and newspapers) about the way the press conference was handled. Specifically, The feedback included such comments as, “While many reporters wanted to ask questions, a certain reporter held the microphone for a long time and took time to explain and express his opinions, so I could not ask the questions I wanted to ask,” “The Q&A session was poorly organized,” and “There were many irregular remarks, so I would like to see a more orderly and proper venue for asking questions.

In fact, at the September 7 press conference, as can be clearly seen in the televised broadcast, some reporters ignored the moderator’s nomination and repeatedly engaged in disorderly behavior, such as asking questions loudly, yelling, and repeating irregular remarks.

Irregular remarks” here include outlandish questions that ignore the facts, questions that are far removed from the purpose of the press conference, and discriminatory and derogatory expressions. If any of these words appear on TV or other media, the announcer immediately apologizes in the program.

So, what questions popped up at the September press conference that fell under the category of “irregular remarks”?

At the beginning of the press conference, the Communist Party’s official newspaper, “Shimbun Aka Hata,” questioned whether or not the allegations of past harassment by the new president, Noriyuki Higashiyama, were true. In the middle of the press conference, Mochizuki quoted from an accusation book published in ’05.

In the middle of the press conference, Mr. Mochizuki quoted from his book of accusations published in 2005: “I told those who had no pants to wear their own pants, and gave them electric ammers…. He exposed his own pubic area and said, ‘Eat my sausage,’ and that was the headline, wasn’t it?”

He then folded his face into the headlines. The scene was broadcast live on TV, and the Internet commented

“It’s too much, as expected.
Some said, “You should wrap it up with a little more sugar.

Some said it was “too much” and “should be wrapped in an oblique manner,” but the story is available at …….

The actual Mr. Higashiyama was very angry and in a very bad mood after the press conference, but whether that was an irregular remark or not is a matter of judgment. In the first question, Higashiyama gave a vague answer, saying, ‘It was a long time ago, so I don’t remember …….’ He meant to be specific to evoke memories. It is not wrong to give a specific description in the sense of evoking memories” (sports newspaper reporter).

Rather, what Johnny’s could not tolerate was a question posed by another male reporter.

Johnny’s is just like Hitler and Stalin. Why don’t they change their name?”

Needless to say, Hitler and Stalin were dictators who were heavily involved in World War II, and it is not an exaggeration to say that their names are the global NG word. The number of people and the number of years involved in Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults are unforgivable, but that does not mean that they are on a different level from Hitler and Stalin.

But that does not mean that Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults are any less permissible than Hitler’s or Stalin’s. “He was put on the same level as those two men during the live TV broadcast. From the standpoint of crisis management, they should have asked the questioner to retract his statement right then and there.

The Johnny’s’s office is keeping a watchful eye on the third press conference. Many proposals have been made, including unlimited time and the elimination of one question per company, but at the same time, firm action is needed, such as demanding on-the-spot withdrawal of irregular questions.

In that case

“What are you talking about when you are the perpetrator?

but we should draw a line in the sand. ……


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