Love rumors rekindled! The scene of Haruka Ayase’s “friendly return to Tokyo with Takeru Sato | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Love rumors rekindled! The scene of Haruka Ayase’s “friendly return to Tokyo with Takeru Sato

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Love rumors reignite after “GIBOMUSU” SP co-starring

Haruka Ayase and Takeru Sato (back) returned to Tokyo together on the bullet train just before 9 pm. After that, they continued to talk without being seen until they got into the car.

At Shinagawa Station on a weekend, a couple emerged shoulder to shoulder from the Shinkansen ticket gate as the last train was approaching.

Both of them were wearing caps and masks that hid most of their faces, but their eyes peeking through the gaps were uncommonly beautiful, attracting the attention of other passengers.

A woman who had just passed through the ticket gate turned around and spoke to the man.


The couple with too much power in their eyes were Haruka Ayase (36) and Takeru Sato (32), also known as Take-chan.

The couple’s name is Haruka Ayase (36) and Takeru Sato (32). However, there is no doubt that they are intimate. When they appeared on “Shabekuri 007” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) as part of the movie’s promotion, they talked in a casual manner. Even when MC Shinya Ueda (51) suggested that they go out, Sato said, “Why don’t you go out with him? When asked by MC Shinya Ueda (51) if they should get together, Sato didn’t deny it, saying, ‘Yes, that’s possible.

After that, there were reports of intimate episodes, such as “Ayase calls Sato ‘Take-chan,'” and in fact, she called Sato “Take-chan” right in front of this magazine. Ayase was wearing a long navy blue coat and Sato a black knit, and notably, they were both carrying backpacks. What’s noteworthy is that they were both carrying backpacks, which means they were on a sleepover trip!

It seems they were on their way back from filming for the New Year’s special of “My Mother-in-law and Her Daughter’s Blues” (a.k.a. “GIBOMUSU”, TBS), which is scheduled to air in January next year. They must have been on location in a distant place.” (Ayase’s acquaintance)

Indeed, there was a woman beside them who appeared to be her manager.

But even though Shinagawa station was packed with passengers, the woman who looked like her manager did not stop them from walking side by side. This is despite the fact that the Internet has been rekindling theories about their romance since Sato was reported to be appearing in the “Gibomusu” New Year Special.

There was a car waiting to pick them up at Shinagawa station, but the two were still talking about their love life until the moment they got into the car.

When reports of Ayase’s romance with Korean star Noh Min-woo (35) surfaced last summer, the company to which she belongs, Horipro, strongly denied that the two were dating. There is no such thing as a relationship! This was to protect her image as a leading actress with many commercials for major companies. That’s why they regretted the fact that Ayase was called a ‘senior citizen’ when she was hospitalized after contracting a new type of corona. I’m sure he would welcome a relationship with Takeru Sato, who is very popular with women, as it would increase his popularity and improve his ranking as an actor. He can say, “We’re just co-stars,” and it will be good publicity for the drama. That’s probably why they let the two walk together so proudly.

What is certain is that Ayase’s steps and voice were light and cheerful. I’m hoping for the birth of a big couple, but what do I know?

This is the back of Ayase’s head that I stare at with this intensity in my eyes. After exiting the ticket gate, I walked behind her for a while, but soon after, I walked next to her.

From the December 10, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photography Tetsuya Takahashi

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