The founding member, who was arrested for ordering a robbery, spoke about the current state of “Ura-Kon” and the “police’s kamashi”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The founding member, who was arrested for ordering a robbery, spoke about the current state of “Ura-Kon” and the “police’s kamashi”.

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Founding member of “Rage of Racism” arrested.

I’m here to check the gas.

A man in work clothes spoke over the intercom (Yomiuri Shimbun, October 11). When the female employee opened the door, several men suddenly entered. They beat the female employee and the president of the company, who was inside the room, and tied their hands and feet with cable ties. The men left the downed men alone, took a total of 19 items (worth 1.53 million yen), including approximately 1.1 million yen in cash and a laptop computer, and fled the scene. Based on the victims’ testimonies, the police arrested five Japanese nationals, but two Mongolian nationals, who were believed to have conspired with the men, returned to Japan immediately after the incident.

The robbery occurred at a company office in Higashi Ikebukuro, Tokyo, in March of this year. On October 10, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1 arrested Wang Nan, 51, a Chinese national with an unknown occupation, on suspicion of robbery and assault.

Wang’s involvement in the robbery emerged from the smartphone communications of the already-arrested suspects. Wang had been acquainted with some of the suspects for a long time. Wang has denied committing the crime, saying, ‘I had nothing to do with it.

Two “Dragons

Wang Wang is a founding member of the legendary semi-gangster group “Dragon. The group is said to be the origin of the quasi-gang Chinese Dragon, which was born in the late 1980s from a group of second- and third-generation Chinese orphans living in Kasai, Tokyo. In an interview with “FRIDAY” (November 11, 2010 issue), Wang Wang reflected on the relationship between “Ura-Kwon” and “Chinese Dragon. Here is what he had to say

There used to be a movie theater in Ikebukuro called Bungeiza. Once a year, they held an event called the Chinese Film Festival there, which was a gathering place for the remaining orphans. When “Rara-Kon” was first established, Kasai had a team of about 30 people, but Oji (in Tokyo) had an organization called “Dragon” of about the same size, and both called themselves Dragon.

When we met at the Bungeiza, we fought on the condition that the winner would claim the name of Dragon, and Kasai won. From there, Kasai became the headquarters and Oji the branch. After that, Oji’s group changed the name to “Chinese Dragon.

He spoke of the “current” state of “Anger Rapon” as follows.

We are practically disbanded. The reason for this is the death of the leader of the group. He was a man who had been active for a long time and was loved by many of his juniors. (omitted) Therefore, Kasai Headquarters has no top management, and there is no Shinogi. There are about 120 to 130 members in Kasai, but they will never call themselves the headquarters in the future.

In the past, Wang was arrested for trying to defraud people out of their money, but he was released with a clean record. Recently, while working as a restaurant owner, he has been involved in a non-profit organization that sends books to prisoners.

Wang’s claim that he had nothing to do with the robbery and that he is a “police informant” will not hold water.

Wang Wang, alleged to have been in charge of the robbery
In an interview with this magazine, Wang said that “Rara-Kwon” had been disbanded.
Wang Wang, the suspect interviewed by this magazine. He says he changed his hair to blonde for a fresh start.
He was smiling calmly in the interview with this magazine.
  • PHOTO Hiroyuki Komatsu (interview)

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