Playback ’93] Takako Matsu’s “Treasure Shots” from her debut three years before her breakthrough in “Lombake”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Playback ’93] Takako Matsu’s “Treasure Shots” from her debut three years before her breakthrough in “Lombake”.

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What did “FRIDAY” report 10, 20, and 30 years ago? In “Playback Friday,” we take a look back at the topics that were popular at the time. This time, we will look back at the article “Is it similar? Nice to meet you, I am Koshiro’s daughter.

The article reported on the first stage performance of actress Takako Matsu, 46, who is still active today with the same innocence and strength as when she made her debut.

Her translucent white skin, elegant facial features, and cool eyes…. She is the second daughter of Koshiro Matsumoto (now Shiraogi Matsumoto II, 51 at the time), a kabuki actor, and Takako Matsu (16 at the time). She will make her debut in “Bunshichi Genkai” at the Kabuki-za Theater in Tokyo in May, and she says, “I have been performing on the Japanese dance stage since I was 7 years old, but I still feel pressure. But I have been watching Kabuki magazines since I was a child, so I am not afraid of wearing white paint. When I paint it all white and put rouge on it, it makes me feel more composed,” she says with a twinkle in her eye.

On her days off, she enjoys making beef stroganoff, her favorite dish, and taking walks in the neighborhood park.

Her father has a mixed reaction to his daughter’s determination to become a professional on stage, saying, “I’m happy, but a little sad.

As mentioned in the article, the following year Matsu made her first appearance in a TV drama in the historical drama “Hana no ran. He continued to steadily build his career on stage and in TV dramas, but a major turning point came in 1996, when he appeared in “Long Vacation” (Fuji TV). In “Long Vacation” (Fuji TV), she played the role of Takuya Kimura’s junior colleague with a crush on him, and that was her breakthrough role. She played the role of a promising pianist who attends an art college and is a neat and tidy young lady, but she is also a natural character and pushes Kimura around. At the end of the year, she became the youngest person ever to be selected as the host of NHK’s Kohaku (red and white) TV show.

The following year, in March 1997, she made her debut as a singer, and her debut song, “When Spring Comes Tomorrow,” was a big hit, selling over 400,000 copies, and when she appeared on a live radio broadcast at Tower Records in Shibuya in June, over 1,000 fans turned out. Then, in the fall of that year, she made an impressive appearance in “Love Generation” (Fuji Television), playing the role of Kimura’s partner. The drama was popular with viewer ratings exceeding 30%, and Matsu became a popular actress in both name and reality.

Even after 30 years have passed since then, Matsu continues to be active with a radiance that has not diminished at all. In recent years, she starred in the drama “Quartet” (’17, TBS), her first leading role in five years, and “Soyada Toako and Her Three Former Husbands” (’21, Fuji TV), which was also written by Yuji Sakamoto. She also dubbed and sang in the Japanese version of the Disney film “Anna and the Snow Queen” in 2002. At the 2008 Academy Awards ceremony, she performed “Into the Unknown,” the theme song for “Anna and the Snow Queen 2,” which was nominated for Best Song, with voice actors from around the world who played Elsa.

It is one of the “originals” of Takako Matsu, who continues to be active even after 30 years have passed.

Fans flocked to the public live broadcast held at Tower Records in Shibuya (July 11, 1997 issue).
  • PHOTO Mitsutoshi Watanabe, Hidetoshi Hayashi

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