Found in Kyoto! Sousuke Takaoka: “I work at a trash collector and an izakaya.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Found in Kyoto! Sousuke Takaoka: “I work at a trash collector and an izakaya.”

Found in a members-only bar in Kyoto! One year and four months after his sudden retirement announcement

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Takaoka arrives at his workplace, a members-only bar in Kyoto. The bar seems to have become a gathering place for casual friends.

Former actor Sousuke Takaoka (39) is working at a bar in Kyoto.

It was in early November that this magazine caught wind of this.

Takaoka, who made his debut in 1999, has appeared in “Patchigi! and “ROOKIES,” and has been attracting attention as a young actor with an irresistible personality. In his private life, he married actress Aoi Miyazaki (35) in 2007, but divorced in 2011. He had been in the news for a number of reasons.

She announced her sudden retirement in August last year. Since then, he has appeared only once in an interview with a fashion magazine, but has completely disappeared from …….

I started working part-time at an izakaya (Japanese pub) in Kyoto City that opened around October this year. Then, in November, I moved to a bar in Kyoto City that is run by the company that runs the bar. In November, he moved to a bar in Kyoto City, which is run by the same company that runs the bar. It seems he brought his wife and child, whom he reportedly married in 2006, with him to Kyoto.

When I visited the bar in the center of Kyoto, a man on a mamachari arrived about 30 minutes before the bar opened. Although he was wearing a hat, mask, and sunglasses, he was unmistakably Takaoka.

When I knocked on the door of the bar and told him I wanted to interview him, he looked surprised for a moment and then said, “You can’t interview me.

I can’t give you an interview.

I can’t give you an interview. But just as the reporter was about to give up and leave.

“Mr. Friday! You’ve come all the way from Tokyo.

–What did you do after you quit acting?

After quitting acting, what did you do? I’m learning about society.”

–Why did you decide to study society?

I wanted to see what kind of work there was after I quit acting.

–Why did you come to Kyoto?

Why did you come to Kyoto? Tokyo is too expensive for rent, and I wanted to go to a place where I could relax.

When I asked him about his return to acting, he gave me a surprising answer.

–Is it possible for you to return to acting?

I like acting. I like acting. Things have changed since the days of Yujiro Ishihara and Shintaro Katsu, who I thought were cool, but if there is still a demand for it, I would like to return. There may be times when you say you’ve quit acting, but you decide to give it a try just this once. But I don’t expect everything to bite me, and I’m in the process of learning a lot of things.”

Takaoka spoke briskly under the cold sky of Kyoto.

Takaoka spoke briskly under the cold Kyoto sky, “If there’s anything else, I’ll be there. If there is anything else, please let me know.

He bowed his head politely and went back to the store. I would like to see Takaoka’s performance again, as I am sure he has grown as a person through his various jobs.

In ’08, I found Sosuke Takaoka and Aoi Miyazaki, who had been married for about a year. After divorcing in ’11, Takaoka reportedly remarried in ’18.
In ’12, he was also discovered to be in love with Ami Suzuki. This magazine reported that the popular actor and singer were in love with each other, which made the world go crazy.

From the December 10, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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