Walking with his favorite girl before a concert… MEGUMI and Kj’s divorce is imminent. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Walking with his favorite girl before a concert… MEGUMI and Kj’s divorce is imminent.

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In September ’20, MEGUMI and Furuya visited a car dealer. After this, they decided to purchase a luxury foreign car.

As I get older, I gain experience. There are all kinds of people, but I want to be the kind of woman who can laugh it off and let it slide.”

Actress and TV personality MEGUMI (42) expressed her current state of mind at her first talk event since the news of her separation. Behind her comment was her divorce from her husband, Kenshi Furuya (44), vocalist of the popular band “Dragon Ash.

At the end of September of this year, Shukan Bunshun (Weekly Bunshun) reported on Furuya’s alleged infidelity. According to the article, Furuya had been in an unfaithful relationship with a 30-something ordinary woman, Ako, for several years. When MEGUMI found out about it, she ran away from home and began to live separately. It seems that Furuya told Ms. A that they would be divorcing soon, and both parties are currently in the process of discussing divorce.

The two of them are now in the process of discussing their divorce.

In August 2008, this magazine discovered MEGUMI in a sexy outfit that revealed her cleavage.

Aiko was originally a big fan of “Dragon Ash” and hit it off with Furuya through a mutual acquaintance. Through their repeated encounters, the relationship crossed the line between artist and fan. Shukan Bunshun” reported that Ako was a well-known friend of Furuya and Furuya, as she was present at the launch of their live performances, but one band member said, “I only found out about the affair through the report.

Why were the band members unaware of the relationship between the two, who had fallen into the swamp of infidelity? The reason for this is said to be Furuya’s “legend of being popular.

As a successful artist, Furuya’s popularity with women is one of the highest in the music industry. Naturally, he was very popular with the ladies. Furuya himself was not the type to make a secret of such things, but rather he always invited the women who were close to him to his gigs.

He would take a walk with a woman around the venue before a live concert, as he had promised, and not only the people concerned but also his fans would witness the scene. It is possible that people around him thought “No way” when they noticed Ako’s presence. Incidentally, Furuya’s type can be summed up in one word: a mild yankee-like woman from the countryside. She is a little bit of a yankee,” said an insider at a record company.

Furuya is a popular artist who has been involved in a number of scandals. However, it seems that even his wife, MEGUMI, could not “just laugh it off” this time.

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