Mao Inoue, Becky… The happy faces of celebrities who took their dogs for a walk | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mao Inoue, Becky… The happy faces of celebrities who took their dogs for a walk

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Even the biggest celebrities can’t help but smile in front of their cute pets. FRIDAY has witnessed many celebrities enjoying a walk with their dogs.

TV personality Becky gave birth to her first child in March of this year. She and Yomiuri Giants coach Haruhiro Kataoka, whom she married last year, are said to be living a life filled with joy. It was in the late afternoon of August when I spotted a happy Becky in a residential area in Tokyo. She was wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt, but from the look of her beautiful legs, she seemed to be keeping the same proportions as before.

Becky went to the convenience store while pushing a large foreign-made stroller. She was accompanied by Kataoka’s beloved Italian greyhound, Oichi-chan.

Becky is also a big dog lover, so she took good care of her dog before she got married, and Oichi took to her right away. Even now, after giving birth, Oichi-chan is strengthening the bond between them.

Becky (37) Italian Greyhound

Mao Inoue(34)

Mao Inoue (34) Boston Terrier

Inoue is carrying her dog, Hug, a five-year-old female Boston Terrier.

I saw her in this scene in July 2006. Her dog was so happy to be walking that she was wagging her tail violently from side to side and jumping up and down as she walked. She had been walking her dog for a while, but halfway through the walk, she suddenly turned on her heel and hurriedly walked back toward her house, as if she had something to do. Pulled by a string, my dog ran along with me. The walk lasted only a few minutes.

Mirei Kiritani(31) Shohei Miura(33)

Mirei Kiritani (31) and Shohei Miura (33) Chihuahua and Toy Poodle (Chihuapoo)

In early March ’20, a year and a half has passed since their marriage. Their first child was born last July, and they became a family of four, including their dog.

Nao (26)

Nao (26) Chihuahua

In September this year, Nao, who has been extremely busy, enjoyed taking a walk with her long-coated Chihuahua, “Uotani-san” or “Fish-chan” in her spare time after work.

Kanna Hashimoto (22)

Kanna Hashimoto (22) Yorkshire Terrier

In October this year, she went for a walk with her beloved Yorkshire terrier and a talent dog from Hashimoto’s office. In her personal clothing, she made and wears a printed T-shirt of her dog.

Christel Takigawa(44) Shinjiro Koizumi(40)

Christel Takigawa (44) Shinjiro Koizumi (40) Labrador Retriever

Mr. and Mrs. Koizumi carry their baby in their arms as they head to an Italian restaurant in November ’20. Behind them, two strong SPs were escorting them.

Masayuki Sakamoto(50)

Masayuki Sakamoto (50), Maltese x Pekinese (Maruchin)

Sakamoto walks with his dog, Pecho, in July of this year. He is also very fond of his girlfriend, actress Hikaru Asami (49), and she sometimes walks him.

Hoshi Mori(29)

Hoshi Mori (29) Chihuahua

In July ’19, Hoshi comes out with “Tino” from the pet store run by her sister Izumi Mori (39), an animal lover. She stroked her dog’s head repeatedly in a loving manner.

From “FRIDAY” November 26, 2021 issue

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