The overwhelming presence and beauty of Tamayu Kitamukai “first gravure in about 6 months! Nurtured in “that gym”? Photos of her stunning body | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The overwhelming presence and beauty of Tamayu Kitamukai “first gravure in about 6 months! Nurtured in “that gym”? Photos of her stunning body

Gravure idol Tamayu Kitamukai graces the cover of the latest issue of FRIDAY. We asked the 23-year-old, who is also expanding the scope of her work through her hobby of motorcycling, what she hopes to accomplish in 2011.

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Miyu Kitamukai / Born in Aomori Prefecture, Miyu Kitamukai is a 23-year-old gravure idol, model, and actress. We caught her in a rare glimpse of her in her casual clothes!

The photo shoot took place in the middle of summer. It has been about 10 months since she graced the pages of FRIDAY magazine.

I spent a long time working on the photo shoot for “Dappi” from the end of last year until February of this year, ” she said. Today’s gravure shoot for FRIDAY is the first time since then. The photo book shoot was very cold, but today we were able to shoot in the midsummer heat, which was a lot of fun! It was a memorable experience for me this summer to go swimming in the pool and shoot while feeling like summer was in full swing.

During the photo book shoot, she cut her chest-length hair down to her shoulders.

I didn’t have any particular reason for cutting my hair, but I decided to give it a clean slice for a fresh start. It was like going back to the length I had at the time of my debut. I was a little conscious of those days. I am glad that I cut it off, because it is well received by the people around me. My sister is particularly complimentary and says it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I liked having long hair, but now it is a length that is easy to arrange, so I enjoy it.

Speaking of Kitamukai, her 170cm height and impressive proportions are attractive. She is very diligent about her body makeover prior to filming.

Recently, I joined Choko Zappu, which is just a minute’s walk from my house, and I’ve been going there right away (laughs). (Laughs.) I believe that the three days leading up to a photo shoot are the most important for body building. Of course, I am always conscious of my diet and muscle training, but I think that the body I have in front of the camera depends on how much I can push myself during the three days immediately before the shoot. For example, I usually do muscle training only at night, but I do it morning, noon, and night.And then there is the sauna. I have more opportunities to go to saunas for work, and I feel that my skin has become more beautiful since I started going to saunas.

Tamayu Kitamukai in the mature patterned swimsuit she is wearing on the cover of the latest issue of FRIDAY.

She debuted at the age of 18 and is now 23. When asked what she is into these days, she immediately answered, “Motorcycling,” which she professes as her hobby.

About two years ago, I got my medium-sized license through COVID-19 crisis. At that point, I had already decided when I would take delivery of the bike, and the next day was my graduation inspection! I reported it to the office when the next day was the graduation inspection. I remember being a little angry at the office for reporting after the fact too much! I remember being a bit angry at me for reporting it after the fact (laughs).

Especially this year, I have been getting more and more work from motorcycle magazines and motorcycle web media, so I have a lot of opportunities to ride a variety of bikes, which I enjoy. I even did a test ride report. I think that motorcycles are really deep, and there are so many things I don’t know about them, so I feel like I’m not quite there yet.But even though I haven’t caught up with detailed knowledge yet, I would be happy if I could simply let more people know how much fun it is to ride a motorcycle.

Whenever she has time, she likes motorcycles so much that she goes touring on the spur of the moment. He also posts motorcycle information on his YouTube channel, “Kiiman ni Kitamuki.

I shot three YouTube videos in the past week, but when I checked the data later, all of them had no audio (laughs). I’m really shocked. (Laughs.) But this kind of trouble is common in motorcycle-related filming. I am thinking of buying a wireless microphone so that the microphone can withstand wind resistance.

I really want my YouTube channel to be seen by people who are new to motorcycles, people who are just getting interested in them, and also by people who want to become familiar with the streets of Tokyo. I am from the rural area of Aomori Prefecture, which is why I am afraid to drive on city streets, so I drive slowly. I highly recommend this film to anyone who will be moving to Tokyo and to female motorcycle enthusiasts!

Enjoyed filming at the pool

There are less than two months left in 2023. I asked him what he would like to accomplish this year.

In terms of work, I would like to create a masterpiece in the field of acting, something that will become the “Tamao Kitamukai’s signature work! I would like to create a masterpiece in the field of acting. As for my personal goal, I want to get a large-sized motorcycle license. I currently have a medium-sized motorcycle license, which only allows me to ride motorcycles up to 400cc, so I definitely want to get a large motorcycle license! I’ve heard that riding a large size motorcycle will give you more opportunities for motorcycle work. I want to use my motorcycle as my weapon, as well as my acting, so that people will say, “Tamayu Kitamukai is a motorcycle girl, isn’t she?

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