Unorthodox announcement… “Three big names” named as candidates to host the “Kohaku Uta Gassen” and the “final deciding factor” in Ariyoshi’s selection. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Unorthodox announcement… “Three big names” named as candidates to host the “Kohaku Uta Gassen” and the “final deciding factor” in Ariyoshi’s selection.

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Ariyoshi has been selected for a major role. She has long expressed her desire to host the show, and she is very enthusiastic about it.

NHK has announced the hosts for the 74th Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Singing Contest), with TV personality Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (49), actresses Kanna Hashimoto (24) and Minami Hamabe (23), and announcer Kozo Takase (47) of the same station to serve as hosts. This will be the first time for Ariyoshi and Hamabe, and the second consecutive year for Hashimoto to take on this major role.

However, unlike in previous years, the announcement of the host was made in a surprise manner, with no advance notice given to the media. Moreover, the timing of the announcement was a week earlier than in previous years, a move that has not been seen in the past, and has caused a number of surprised voices in the industry. A sports newspaper’s entertainment desk explained the series of events.

I think the issue of sexual assault by Johnny’s is casting a big shadow over the situation. As new allegations came to light one after another, it was a blow that former board member Hisao Wakaizumi (62) became an advisor to Johnny’s, and reports of a honeymoon relationship between the two parties came to light. Last year, six With the number of participants in “Kohaku,” which last year featured six groups, undergoing a review, NHK must have decided to make the announcement on an unusual schedule in order to quickly project a clean image.

A further surprise was that Ariyoshi was chosen for his first major role as host. An entertainment industry insider reveals the inside story.

Hamabe, who was selected for her first hosting duties along with Ariyoshi, is good friends with Hashimoto, who was selected for the second consecutive year, and has already discussed various matters with her about hosting the event.

There were other candidates for the host. “There were other candidates, including Matsumoto Jun (40), Kamiki Ryunosuke (30), and Tanihara Shosuke (51). Matsumoto starred in the historical drama “What to Do with Ieyasu,” but was eliminated as a candidate due to Johnny’s s problems and the drama’s own low ratings. Tanihara has been the host of “Uta-Kon” for seven years and has made significant contributions, but in recent years he has been caught up in numerous gaffes on the information program “Mezamashi 8″ (Fuji Television) and other programs. He could not be entrusted with major roles due to the difficult situation in which he could not rely on appearances by Johnny’s talents.”

While the effects of the series of problems at the Johnny’s’s office were strongly felt, some people recommended Kamiki, who played the lead role in the TV series “Ranman.

Kamiki was definitely one of the main contenders, considering his contribution to the morning drama series. However, until last year, Mr. Kamiki belonged to a major entertainment agency that included Yo Oizumi (50), who hosted the show for three consecutive years, and Masaharu Fukuyama (54), who was a major white star for two consecutive years.’ Although he became independent in 2009, he was still criticized for his honeymoon relationship with the Johnny’s’s office, and NHK, concerned about his dependence on a particular agency, decided not to appoint him.”

Against this backdrop, Ariyoshi emerged as a candidate to host the show. In April 2007, when regular broadcasts began, she took on the role of host of “Ariyoshi’s Money Discovery: Kaneo-kun” (Ariyoshi’s Money Discovery: Kaneo-kun). Kaneo-kun” since April 2007, when it began regular broadcasts, and has contributed to NHK in many ways and has a good track record, but what was the deciding factor in his selection? What was the deciding factor in his selection?

Ariyoshi has a program in the prime and prime time slots on every day of the week on both NHK and commercial broadcasters, and he is very popular and supported by young people and families. He is the perfect person to make up for the weak points of Kohaku in recent years. In addition, when his senior at the office, Mr. Ueshima (Ryuhei Ueshima, 61 years old) passed away last year, he made his first appearance in the Kohaku as a supporting member of the singing group Junryuke with Mr. Higo (Katsuhiro Higo, 60) and Mr. Terakado (Djimon Terakado, 60), which was also a positive factor.

In making the announcement, Ariyoshi expressed his feelings, “I saw Mitsuyoshi Uchimura (59), whom I respect the most, as the host of Kohaku before, and I had set my sights on becoming like him someday, so I can’t believe it. Could he be the savior of NHK and Kohaku, which has fallen on hard times? We look forward to seeing her performance.

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