Ayumi Hirodo consults with Noriyuki Higashiyama about becoming independent [she shows too much ambition] and “decisive difference” from Seiji Miyane and Tamao Akae. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ayumi Hirodo consults with Noriyuki Higashiyama about becoming independent [she shows too much ambition] and “decisive difference” from Seiji Miyane and Tamao Akae.

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Just as comedians from Yoshimoto Kogyo who are popular in their hometown of Osaka do not always succeed in Tokyo, popular announcers from local stations who go freelance and make it to Tokyo do not always do so well.

Former Asahi Broadcasting Corporation TV announcer Ayumi Hirodo, 31, who has been working as a freelancer since April 1, 2011, has apparently not broken this jinx. From the same day, she has been in charge of the sports corner of “News Station” on affiliate key station TV Asahi, but on SNS,

She is so enthusiastic that it’s tiring to watch.

He is not so much energetic as he is pushy, and to be honest, I don’t like him.

It’s good that she’s ambitious, but she’s too forward. I don’t like her because she shows too much ambition.

I don’t like her.” Many of these opinions give the impression that she is not really into national broadcasting.

The image and timing of his appointment to the “news station” were too bad to begin with. It was a big mistake to have an image of ‘ambitious’ attached to me on my first freelance assignment.

This is the opinion of a TV Asahi insider. Hirodo’s appointment to “Ho-Steel” was announced on March 1.

It used to be considered “unbecoming” for a local announcer to appear as an announcer on a news or information program of another station immediately after going freelance, but that rule disappeared when Hatori left Nippon TV to become an MC on TV Asahi’s program, However, such rules have been removed since Hatori left Nittele to work as an MC for a Teresa program. However, since Asahi Broadcasting Corporation and TV Asahi have a strong sense of rivalry even though they are affiliated stations, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation must not have been amused.

Moreover, his first program after going freelance was a flagship program called “Ho-Ste. Her colleagues wondered where Hirodo got such power. Some media reported that “her selection was pushed by TV Asahi’s upper management,” but I think they may be right. According to some reports, she is a close friend of TV Asahi’s chairman, Hiroshi Hayakawa, who is also known as the “Don” of TV Asahi.

As if to corroborate these reports,

“It’s probably a sign of her upward mobility. I think she was the most aggressive person in the station. I really bow down to her.

A former colleague of mine from Asahi Broadcasting Corporation sarcastically remarked, “She was the most aggressive person in the station.

‘There is a tremendous willingness to get the job done. He has been working on a number of books, such as “Breaking News! Koshien e no Michi” and “Super Baseball: Tora Ban-ism. and “Super Baseball: Tora Ban Shugi,” and she must have taken pride in her knowledge of sports. Whenever a new female announcer would join the station, he would be filled with a sense of rivalry.

In 2005, she was a substitute for Mami Yamase on “Newlyweds Welcome! and in ’17, she took over for Mami Yamase on “Newlyweds Are Coming! In ’17, he took over for Mami Yamase on the nationwide television program “Asa! Tabi Salad,” “M-1 Grand Prix,” “Celebrity Ratings Check,” and even “Sunday Live! Noriyuki Higashiyama said, “I want to continue until I am 90 years old.

It was so exclusive that one wonders if Ms. Hirodo is the only one at ABC. However, her goal is only to appear on a nationwide network program produced by a Tokyo key station. Not only did she not hide it, but she kept appealing to the company, saying, ‘Please make me work at the Tokyo branch office. I think there were many people in the company who did not think well of her.

As a result, Hirodo was transferred to the station’s Tokyo branch office in April 2008, while remaining in the announcing position. It was then that a problem arose.

It was the end of 2010,” Hirodo said. When Hirodo went freelance, he asked his boss and colleagues before he did whether he could continue to appear on the program, “Sunday LIVE! (TV Asahi), before his boss and colleagues. He should have kept quiet about it there, but he didn’t, so Higashiyama told the people involved in the program. The boss was furious, saying, “I didn’t hear anything about that. As a result, he was forced to leave the program.

In the end, he was able to become a freelancer, but because of this, everyone thought that he would not be able to find a new program to appear in anytime soon. However, on March 1, 2011, Hirodo’s appointment to “Hou-Ste” was suddenly announced. Everyone was surprised. It was decided with a single word of the crane by Chairman Hayakawa,” said a source at Asahi Broadcasting Corporation.

After all these twists and turns, he was appointed to the position of sports MC for “Ho-Ste,” but many in the industry point out that he will not last long if he continues to emphasize the same strong pushiness that he had when he was in Osaka.

Other freelance announcers from the same Osaka TV station who have made successful forays into Tokyo include Tamao Akae and, in recent years, Fumi Yoshitake, Hiromi Kawada, and Yurie Toyosaki, but they do not seem to be the forward-thinking type like Hirodo.

I think they didn’t perform as well as they wanted to, so they became quiet and airheaded,” she says.

This is the opinion of a female stylist who has worked with several female announcers.

If I had been saying, ‘I, I, I,’ as I did when I was in Osaka, I wouldn’t have gotten any work in the blink of an eye,” he said. After moving to Tokyo, Ms. Akae, who was the most successful, became extremely good at listening carefully to others’ conversations and responding in an amusing manner, rather than putting herself out there.

Even when he became the personality of “Tamamusubi” on TBS Radio, his attitude did not change at all, and he was loved by listeners.

Seiji Miyane, who has been receiving daily criticism for his behavior on “Information Live Miyaneya” (Yomiuri and Nippon Television Networks) on SNS, is one of the successful freelancers from Asahi Broadcasting Corporation.

He is one of the successful freelancers from Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. “Even now, there are many male staff members who say, ‘I want to work with Miyane-san at any cost. Not only does he have star power, but he also learns the names of all the staff members, including the ADs, and knows their characteristics, teases them, and plays a central role in providing service at launches and other events. In fact, he is always humble and makes a lot of effort when he is not seen on TV. It is this kind of “personality” that makes her so beloved in the field.

Speaking of female announcers with the same katakana names, the very popular Horan Chiaki comes to mind.

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