Olivia Rodrigo, the Most Powerful Diva of Generation Z, Made Her First Visit to Japan! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Olivia Rodrigo, the Most Powerful Diva of Generation Z, Made Her First Visit to Japan!

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The most popular female artist in the world today made her long-awaited first visit to Japan.

In Tsukiji (Chuo Ward), Tokyo, in the late afternoon of September, a crowd had gathered to see a certain woman. This woman was Olivia Rodrigo (20), the most powerful diva of Generation Z. She was accompanied by what appeared to be her manager and bodyguards, and was absorbed in eating her way through the center of the crowd.

Olivia was filming a food-walking location in Tsukiji after appearing live on the morning information program “DayDay.” (NTV) that day.

Fans who noticed her presence excitedly cried out in excitement, but she was not very forthcoming in shaking hands or signing autographs. Even so, the endless yellowing of her fans’ voices told the story of her popularity.

We found her cute and innocent face, chewing on a gourmet meal in Tsukiji while skillfully using chopsticks!

When the location shooting was over, we headed back to the car, peeking into stores for candy apples and other items. After buying some Tsukiji gourmet food, perhaps to eat in the car, Olivia got into the car with a satisfied look on her face.

Her debut single “drivers license,” released in ’21, became a worldwide hit, with over 1 billion views and a new record for the first time in U.S. history, reaching No. 1 for eight consecutive weeks after its first appearance. Olivia’s name quickly spread around the world. She is an avid fan of singer Taylor Swift (33) and, like Taylor, has outstanding potential for both songwriting and lyrics.

Olivia visited Japan for the first time to celebrate the release of her second album “GUTS” and held a special two-day event. She also opened a pop-up store in Harajuku, and her profile in Japan is growing exponentially.

At the event, she shared her thoughts on the album and some episodes about her first visit to Japan. He also posted on her SNS, “I love Tokyo!”

Olivia will begin her world tour next February. Fans are looking forward to her next visit to Japan for her first Japan tour.

Olivia’s face is contorted as if something in her mouth was hot. She also seemed to be interested in candy apples and was browsing in a store.
  • Photo Yuri Adachi

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