Muneo Suzuki, who visited Russia, was “expelled”… “Red shame” of Baba, the representative of Ishin, who made a “good will speech” just before his visit. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Muneo Suzuki, who visited Russia, was “expelled”… “Red shame” of Baba, the representative of Ishin, who made a “good will speech” just before his visit.

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Suzuki Muneo, a member of the Diet, who visited Russia without permission. It seems likely that he will be “expelled” from the party. ……

What a red disgrace!

The Japan Innovation Party’s Member of the House of Councillors, Mr. Muneo Suzuki, has been visiting Moscow, Russia, without permission since October 2, and has been meeting with the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and other government officials one after another. This is the first visit to Russia by a Japanese Diet member since the invasion of Ukraine last February.

On March 3, Muneo spoke to the press in Moscow and revealed that he had requested that Rudenko, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s deputy minister in charge of Japan and other countries, visit the graves of former islanders in the Northern Territories and resume negotiations on the resumption of safe fishing operations in the surrounding waters. He also asked Foreign Vice Minister Garuzin, the former ambassador to Japan, to “put down the gun” on the Ukrainian invasion of Japan,

Both sides should put down their guns. A ceasefire is the most important thing, and Russia should take the lead.

Sono also visited Russia last year.

Muneo had planned to visit Russia last year, but decided against it due to various circumstances. This time, he decided to “force his way through.

Naturally, he did not notify The Japan Innovation Party, to which he belongs, in advance. Mr. Muneo said

Mr. Muneo commented, “I heard that his secretary delayed submitting the report.

I heard that his secretary was late in submitting the report,” commented Muneo. No one took this at face value.

The party is busy responding. Hirofumi Yoshimura, co-chairman of the party, said

“The party has asked him not to do so, but he is going to visit (Russia). I think he should be punished severely because it is against the party’s policy.

He commented, “I think he should be punished severely. After Muneo’s return to Japan, the party is considering holding a meeting of the party’s Disciplinary Committee on June 6 to hear what happened and to “expel” him from the party.

The other representative, Baba Nobuyuki, was at a meeting held on September 29 at a hotel in Tokyo to “pep up” Mr. Muneo, and he was showing him a lot of support.

When asked to give a speech, Baba described Muneo as a “senior” figure. Holding the microphone with a big smile on his face, he said

The Hanshin Tigers won the championship for the first time in 18 years. It may be a coincidence, but the House of Representatives has been dissolved twice in the past (the year of the Hanshin victory). So it is a theory that when the Hanshin Tigers win, we will be out of a job.

and he was very much aware of the dissolution of the House of Representatives. On top of that

The support for the Restoration Association is gradually on the rise. Our goal for the upcoming House of Representatives election is to hold the seats of the first opposition party. We have set this as our major goal.

In order to achieve this goal, we cannot hold the seats of the first opposition party without the work of Mr. Muneo Suzuki, who has fans not only in Hokkaido but also throughout Japan.

He stated clearly. He then added

I would like you to support us even if you burn up after the lower house election,” he said, requesting cooperation from Muneo.

He asked for Mr. Sono’s cooperation.

It was not a good look for him to make such a speech just three days before Mr. Sono left Japan. A source in the political world said, “He is completely sucking up to Sono.

Mr. Baba is a “show-off” and a “show-off” to Mr. Sono. It is said that Baba is a “decoration” and that behind him are former Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui and former Osaka Governor Toru Hashimoto.

Among the opposition parties, only the Restoration Association is in good shape. Judging from Muneo’s “red face” at the party, he probably didn’t expect this to happen.

He also pointed out that “the Japan Restoration Association has been “in the news” for some time now.

The Japan Innovation Party’s “growth” is partly due to the negligence of the Kansai media. The media’s job is to check the runaway power of the ruling party, but in the Kansai region, with a few exceptions, the media is in bed with the Restoration Party.

You can see it by watching Osaka TV,” he said. In the past, there was a problem when the cast of an information program leaned too much toward the Restoration Movement, but the TV has been reluctant to pursue the Restoration Movement.

When we aired critical content, we even received complaints privately from people involved in the Restoration. In the entertainment industry, Johnny’s is a problem, but in the Kansai region, Ishin and Yoshimoto Kogyo are treated as “something else,” according to a media source in Osaka.

The two groups are working together on the “Osaka-Kansai Expo” scheduled for 2013. With only 500 days remaining before the event, construction has not progressed at all, and costs are ballooning. Finally, Baba shelved his optimism and said, “The Expo is a national event.

The Expo is a national event. The national government will take the initiative in bearing the costs. I think it is only natural.

The event is a national event, and the national government will take the initiative in bearing the costs.

The Kansai media, as usual, will continue to praise the Ishin government and continue to increase the number of visitors to the Expo.

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