A “daddy’s girl” who saved a “medical practitioner on the brink” from a huge deficit of 2 million yen a month… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A “daddy’s girl” who saved a “medical practitioner on the brink” from a huge deficit of 2 million yen a month…

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Doctors boast tremendous popularity in the marriage activity and matching app market, with the number of people claiming to be doctors on matching apps exceeding the number of doctors in the country.

This popularity is still alive and well in the daddy market, but the reality is that doctors and their salaries and compensation are on the decline these days, and doctors who are not working or running a hospital well cannot afford to do so.

In fact, it takes a lot of money to continue a relationship with a young, beautiful, and affectionate girl with daddy’s love, and not many doctors can afford it.

I heard that there is an internal medicine doctor who overcame a chronic illness and revitalized his clinic, which was on the verge of a cliff, with the sole intention of continuing his relationship with a papa-active girl, so I decided to meet him and listen to his story.

I went to the meeting place, and there waiting for me was a fresh, soft-spoken 60-year-old male doctor (Mr. Yuichi Kato: pseudonym). Mr. Kato-san was very proud of himself, praising his life so far and the improvements he had made through his papa’s activities.

After graduating from medical school, I joined another university hospital, but for the first few years of my career as a doctor, my salary was a meager 50,000 yen per month. It was hard to make ends meet, let alone play with women, so my seniors in the medical department bought me most of my meals.

In his fourth year as a doctor, he was sent to a regional hospital, and despite the hard work, his annual salary exceeded 10 million yen. As he worked, Mr. Kato began to have more time on his hands and began to enjoy the nightlife. He met a woman at a cabaret club he frequented, and after some twists and turns, they ended up getting married.

When I think about it now, my wife probably thought of me as nothing more than a money spinner,” he said. We spent 20 million yen for the wedding reception and went on a honeymoon in Spain, but we had many differences and ended up getting a “Narita divorce,” which is rare in recent years.

After that, perhaps due to the stress of the divorce, she repeatedly ate and drank heavily, and her figure went straight down the metabolic path. She says that for a time she could no longer trust people, and her personality became distorted.

Her distrust of people caused her to have trouble with relationships at work, and she repeatedly left her job after a short period of time. Disgusted with such a situation, he decided to open a clinic in front of the station anyway. He spoke of those days as follows

When I first opened the clinic, I had 20 to 30 patients a day. However, several competing clinics opened in the surrounding area, and my distrust of people led to a sharp decline in patients. Within a few years, only 5 to 10 patients a day were coming in, and we were losing about 2 million yen a month. I couldn’t afford to pay for my own living, let alone pay for personnel expenses, so I was working seven days a week on night duty at other hospitals and clinics.

However, Mr. Kato says that the stress of such a lifestyle led to an increase in the amount of alcohol he consumed at night. The stress made him angry, and he fell into a vicious cycle that drove patients away from him more and more.

Then, at a reunion, a friend from the medical office told her about the easy and quick access to papa katsu activities, and she became interested.

When he actually tried it, Mr. Kato was able to meet several young and beautiful women, but none of them lasted long with Mr. Kato, who was distrustful of people and angry from stress.

Nevertheless, as he continued, he said that his life changed when a girl he liked said one thing to him at a time when he had lost count of the women he had met on both hands.

She said, “Your rhythm of life is too bad, and you go to the bathroom so much. You must be sick.”

These words hit Mr. Kato like a thunderbolt. After a medical checkup for the first time in five years, he discovered that he was diabetic.

To treat his illness, Mr. Kato had to cut back on his night shifts. He thought he would be ruined with the loss of his night shift pay, but perhaps because he was calmer due to the reduced stress, he gradually recovered his ability to attract customers. He now gets advice from the daddy’s girls on how to treat patients.

I feel as if the papa’s life saved my life,” she said. If it weren’t for that one word, I honestly don’t think I would have realized it until I went bankrupt.”

It seems a little weird to be treated by a doctor who is being advised by a woman with a daddy’s life, but perhaps ignorance is a blessing in disguise.

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