Daringly beautiful legs dazzle! Ayaka Otsu smiles and declares, “This is how the ‘Politician Girls 48 Party’ will be reborn. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Daringly beautiful legs dazzle! Ayaka Otsu smiles and declares, “This is how the ‘Politician Girls 48 Party’ will be reborn.

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Ayaka Otsu, 30, leader of the 48 Politician Girls Party, has long been associated with her neatly cropped bangs and black pantsuit, but recently she has been uploading photos on SNS showing her beautiful legs.

A few days after the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Central Election Administration Board decided not to approve the change of the party name from “Political Women 48 Party” to “Party to Protect People from NHK” and the change of the party representative from Otsu to Kenichiro Saito, 42, a member of the House of Councilors, Otsu appeared before the press wearing a bright green T-shirt and short shorts. He was wearing a bright green T-shirt and shorts.

He was wearing a bright green T-shirt and shorts. “I’m not going to name names,” he said, “but I’ve got a policy professional who is going to help me.

Otsu’s face was cheerful, perhaps reflecting the fact that he had visited former Akashi Mayor Fusaho Izumi (60), former Minna-no Party representative and secretary-general Keiichiro Asao (59), and others to ask for their advice.

He has also been working on organizational reforms, such as removing the “Hollyoaks New Party,” the party’s political fundraising organization, from the list of designated organizations and changing its treasurer from Takashi Tachibana, 56, to himself.

The party is also undergoing organizational reforms. “There are a lot of conspiracy theorists, ex-criminals, people who are friends with semi-gangsters, and …… people who are not considered suitable for politics, probably because it was a hastily organized political party. It’s not easy, but we are getting there.

In order to clarify why the party was running on a bicycle, Otsu took a series of steps, including changing the treasurer and filing for a provisional injunction to recover the party’s accounting books. However, Mr. Tachibana, who was the treasurer, fought back thoroughly. He has been on the run, even suggesting the bizarre idea of having the party’s creditors file for civil rehabilitation proceedings.

He said, “If the party’s creditors file for civil rehabilitation, no one will benefit. You don’t know what I mean when I say that. In other words, I don’t think there is any meaning; I think they just want to disturb those around them and buy time. Because – and I will pursue this as well – there is an allegation that Mr. Tachibana is lending money to the party and earning interest on it. I hope to eventually hold a press conference to report to you on the progress of the trial with Mr. Tachibana and any new facts I have seen or heard in the past six months. I would also like to talk about elections and the future of the party there.”

The possibility of Otsu himself running in the upcoming mayoral and supplementary elections is “not zero,” according to Otsu himself.

There are still many issues to be dealt with, such as how to deal with the frozen subsidies for political parties, but I have always wanted to run a candidate as a party and challenge the election. We would like to change the name and the color of the party after we hold a general meeting and follow the appropriate procedures. I would like to make a commitment to overthrowing vested interests and increasing transparency in politics as my number one priority, and I would also like to incorporate measures to combat the declining birthrate and reduce taxes.

I would like the party’s color to be green like the T-shirt I am wearing today, but The Japan Innovation Party is using it. I wonder if voters will also have an image of Tomin First. Then I would have to go with yellow as before. …… Party supporters are free of charge at the moment, but if they pay 3,000 or 4,000 yen, they can participate in policy making and vote in elections to choose members to run for official recognition, just like the supporters of a political party.

Mr. Otsu speaks vividly. Although his mud-slinging battle with Mr. Tachibana over the party and its leader has only intensified, his expression was clearly brighter than the last time we interviewed him.

We look forward to seeing what he will have to say at the press conference to be held in the not-too-distant future.

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