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Julie Fujishima’s “victimization” of Kimpuri fans! Three uncomfortable points” at the press conference

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At the second press conference, Julie Fujishima was absent. New president Noriyuki Higashiyama and vice president Yoshihiko Inohara answered questions. ……

The Johnny’s s office held a press conference at a hotel in Tokyo on October 2 regarding the sex-abuse issue of the late Johnny Kitagawa, declaring that the office will be closed in the future.

The current Johnny’s’s office will change its name to “SMILE-UP.” as of October 17, and will only provide compensation services for sexual assault victims.

A new company will be set up to receive the talents belonging to the company, and the name of the company is open to the public. All of the talents will be de facto independent, and will sign an agent contract with the new company either as a group or individually.

Keiko Fujishima Julie, a member of the founding family, will remain 100% owner of the company and become the representative director of SMILE. This is said to be a measure to expedite compensation “beyond the law.

At the September 7 press conference, the company’s name remained the same, and Julie continued to have authority as owner, which caused headwinds. Considering this, the content of this press conference appears to be a drastic reform.

In particular, the word “going out of business” was so heavy that Junya Hiramoto, representative of the “Association of Parties Concerned with Johnny’s Sexual Assault,” and Shimon Ishimaru, vice representative of the “Association of Parties Concerned with Johnny’s Sexual Assault,” were “surprised” by it. The Johnny’s empire will disappear without a trace, and the entertainment media is also surprised.

I never thought such a day would come. ……

We can only exclaim in exclamations of “I never thought this day would come.

After the press conference, the environment surrounding Johnny’s has obviously changed drastically.

Whereas the last time, the client immediately announced that it was reviewing its commercial contracts, this time “P&G” announced that it had terminated its contract with the Johnny’s office and signed new contracts directly with Toma Ikuta, Fuma Kikuchi, Daigo Nishihata, and Shunsuke Michieda.

I would say that the press conference was a good start,” he said. He also made it clear that he would pay the inheritance tax on Julie. Talking about taxation tends to draw public outcry.

Some of the clients were paying more attention to the inheritance tax than to the sexual assault. I think the bottom has fallen out of the image decline for the time being.

However, a review of the press conference reveals that some aspects of it left one scratching one’s head.

First, the press conference was limited from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. In the first place, Johnny’s was not located in Tokyo. Johnny’s owns its own building in a prime location in Tokyo, and instead of going to the trouble of holding the press conference at a hotel in Tokyo, the press conference could have been held in the building’s lesson room with unlimited time until all the last questions were asked.

The second is the statement by the new president, Mr. Higashiyama. When asked about Janney’s sexual assaults, which had been repeated for more than 50 years, he replied

If you say that I have been pretending that I did not see it, then you are right.

He responded, “That’s right. When asked about his own allegations of harassment, he replied in a stern tone, “I have not sexually harassed anyone.

I have never sexually harassed anyone.

He denied the allegations, but he did say that he had never been harassed by anyone.

I know some people may feel I was harassed, but that was 35 to 40 years ago. ……

As before, he attributed the harassment to “youthful indiscretion.

A reporter from a sports newspaper who interviewed him at the press conference said

The reporter from a sports newspaper who covered the press conference said, “I wonder if the person who ‘turned a blind eye’ should be the president of SMILE and the new company. At the very least, it would have been better to invite someone from the outside who is not related to Johnny’s for the new company.

He pointed out that the new company should have at least brought in someone from the outside who is not related to Johnny’s.

Third, the content of the letter that Mr. Julie, who was absent from the press conference, had Yoshihiko Inohara read on her behalf on the day of the press conference is also troubling. Mr. Julie said of his “relationship” with his mother Mary, “When I am obedient, I am very gentle.

She was very kind to me when I was obedient, but if I expressed an opinion that differed even slightly from hers, she would get angry as if she had lost her mind, and she would crush me without hesitation.

He was a very gentle person, but if I had a different opinion from hers, he would get mad and beat me up. Julie said that since she was in her twenties, she sometimes hyperventilated and is now diagnosed with “panic disorder. On top of that

I myself have spent my life avoiding talking to Mary as much as possible,” he said.

and was told by a psychosomatic doctor

Mary is a lion and you are a zebra, so the only way to avoid panic attacks is to run away from this condition.

He even introduced the words, “You are a lion and you are a zebra.

While some on the Internet expressed sympathy for Julie, others said

“He’s just quietly joining the ranks of the victims.”

On the other hand, some people pointed out that he “got in line with the victims. Fans of “King & Prince” are particularly outraged.

The group’s core members Shiyoh Hirano, Yuta Kishi, and Yuta Jinguji left the group in May of this year. Hirano and Jinguji left the office, and the remaining member, Kishi, left Johnny’s at the end of September.

A woman in her 30s who has been a fan of the group since before its debut said

She said, “No matter how much the agency denies it, all the fans think that Kimpuri split up because Mr. Julie crushed their dream of going global and treated them roughly. It is unforgivable that she is being treated like a “victim”!

I can’t stand that she is being treated like a “victim”! Julie has filed a lawsuit against Shukan Bunshun, which reported the incident as if she was a “war criminal” for destroying Kimpuri, but it is unclear what has become of that lawsuit at this point.

For the time being, Johnny’s seems to have gotten over the most difficult situation. However, there is no doubt that there will be more turmoil in the future.

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