The brain is paralyzed and the betting money increases rapidly… The settlement agent pays a fee of 2.1 billion yen “Illegal casino that ruins your life” shudder tactics | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The brain is paralyzed and the betting money increases rapidly… The settlement agent pays a fee of 2.1 billion yen “Illegal casino that ruins your life” shudder tactics

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Tokita Suspect Acting as Payment Agent for Online Casino

“I’m fine.”

The more proud you are of yourself, the more dangerous you may be.

On September 27, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Division announced the arrest of two suspects, Yoshiaki Maeda, 42, of Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture, and Shinya Tokita, 42, of Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, on suspicion of assisting habitual gamblers. Online casinos are illegal in Japan.

The two suspects operated a payment agency service called “Sumo Pay” (now closed). According to the arrest charges, during a one-year period from July ’21 to July ’22, they sent the wagers of 18 online casino users to an overseas operator using “Smoo Pay. The number of users of “SmoPay” reached approximately 42,000, and the suspects are said to have earned at least 2.15 billion yen in commissions alone.

This is the first time in Japan that a payment agent has been arrested for helping online casino users gamble. Although the number of users of online casinos is rapidly increasing, it was said to be difficult to detect them because many of the operators are based overseas. Therefore, the police must have decided to carefully investigate and arrest the domestic payment agents who are becoming increasingly involved.

The Internet’s “You can play with peace of mind” is a lie

Even those who feel that they will never fall into illegal gambling are not strangers to the game. According to a survey of approximately 200 people conducted by the International Casino Research Institute, a private research firm, less than half (44%) were aware that online casinos are illegal, while just under 20% thought they were “legal.

The survey found that less than half (44%) of the respondents thought online casinos were legal, while just under 20% thought they were legal. Many people believe these words and try their hand at online casinos, thinking that they can play for a little bit. It is important to spread awareness that online casinos are illegal.

Online casinos are very elaborate.

Many people are tempted by online casino banner ads that appear on their smartphones. The ads feature famous sports figures and other celebrities. However, the excitement of gambling paralyzes their brains, and the amount of money they invest increases rapidly.

Even if they think to themselves, “I should stop now,” they feel uncomfortable without betting and cannot easily go back. By the time they realize it, their bets have grown to tens of millions of yen, and they are sometimes deep in debt. Do not underestimate the importance of online casinos. Online casinos are a ‘devil’s game’ that can ruin your life.

Once you get into it, it is hard to get out. All people should keep in mind the horror of online casinos.

Maeda suspects who operated the payment agency service “Sumo Pay” (photo has been partially processed).
The suspects arrested this time seemed to have earned huge profits from the commissions (photo partially processed)
Maeda suspect was depressed all the time after his arrest (photo is partially doctored)
Tokita allegedly aided and abetted the use of gambling that could ruin his life (some photos have been doctored).
Online casino operators are often based overseas, making them difficult to uncover (some photos have been doctored).
This is the first time in Japan that an online casino payment agent has been arrested (photo partially doctored).
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